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Also known as “Anax”, an American board member who frequents the Discussion forums. Best known for his work on timelines. He has an irrational hatred for the use of the abbreviation “SU” to describe the Soviet Union, preferring the more correct abbreviation of “USSR”. He claims to be technically inept and lacks the ability to make maps. He is also notorious for failing to update timelines for months at a time.

The work of which he is most proud is the timeline “Rule Britannia” which uses a decisive British victory at Gallipoli as its POD. He also adores his “God is a Frenchman” timeline, which uses a French victory in the Seven Years War at its POD, though he admits he has no idea how to move forward with it at this time. He has also begun and then failed to continue timelines involving a Confederate victory in the American Civil War and the survival of Alexander the Great.

He lives in the city of Austin, which he rules as a benevolent dictator.

He was banned in November 2018 for support of Israel.


Rule Britannia!

God is a Frenchman

Shattered Nation - An American alternate history novel that he's published.

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