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American Caribbean overseas territories

These are the current American overseas territories (or more accurately, “unincorporated organized territories”) in the Caribbean, that are not considered a direct part of the US. These territories are : The United States Virgin Islands (USVI), Puerto Rico, Navassa Island, the Serranilla Bank, Bajo Nuevo Bank and the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

NOTE: If any of these territories would gain full independence from their mother country in the future, please move the territory in question (along with all the TL entries concerning it) to a new separate page. Don't forget to list such a new page alphabetically in the main part of the “Central America & The Caribbean” countries index.

See Also

USA - Current caretaker of the territories.

Spain - Former owner of the island of Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay on Cuba.

Denmark - Former owner of the modern day United States Virgin Islands.

American Caribbean Overseas Territories Timelines and Scenarios

American Caribbean Overseas Territories Points of Divergence

Useful Resources about the American Caribbean overseas territories

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