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Sorry, who?

A board member from New Zealand, who joined in June 2020 and became an active poster around September 2020.

His primary interest is in alternate spaceflight and all related topics. A proud member of the Space Jockeys.

His current (and so far, only) contribution to the Writers' Forum is his short story collection, Alterspace, where he posts short stories and scenarios of alternate spaceflight history.

Favourite historical eras and AH settings

  • Anything to do with alternate spaceflight. Anything. He's not picky, but he does have a fanboy complex for the ESA and will often insert European space programs into anything he writes.
  • The Cold War, nuclear devastation, global thermonuclear conflict. He read far too many post-apocalyptic novels as a child, and perhaps the biggest mistake his parents ever made was letting him watch the 1983 British TV movie Threads. Will loudly argue in favour of the original German lyrics for 99 Luftballons instead of the 'softer' English version. Is perfectly aware that it's an overused trope, loves it anyway
  • Disease outbreaks, global pandemics and the like. Read about the 1918 Spanish flu in school and now expects global contagion to arrive any minute. Rather enjoys writing about the perspective of pandemics from an isolated viewpoint, like his native New Zealand, or deepest Wales.
  • Any scenario where global civilization is damaged or destroyed by natural or man-made catastrophe, preferably post-Industrial Revolution. Is a fervent admirer of the timeline The Twilight's Last Gleaming. This morbid fascination probably stems from the fact that he was left alone in libraries and on the Internet far too long.
  • Formula One and its history is another area he enjoys exploring, although the alternate history of motorsports isn't exactly popular in terms of an alternate history niche.

Favourite activites on

Not very much in this section, considering that he's only been around for a couple of months. He can infrequently be found:

  • in the Alternate History Writers' Forum, pottering about and reading anything that remotely catches his eye.
  • updating (or more likely posting long apologies for not updating) his alternate history short stories thread, Alterspace.
  • debating whether to help edit the wiki before getting too intimidated by Petike's impressive list of edits, and editing his own page instead.
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