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 ====== alt_historian ====== ====== alt_historian ======
-Reads alot Has recently seen '​Spamalot.'+[[Britain|British]] board memberBA Modern History graduateBut that doesn't necessarily mean he knows much of anything...
 +Has a seeming tendency to kill off threads (hence his LJ name, mr_threadkiller).
 +Has somewhat idealistic tendencies, especially when starting threads, as seen [[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=106928|here]],​ for example.
 +(EDIT: Hmm... yes, maybe that's idealistic. But someone has to be. I notice Bill never bothered coming back to respond, either... [[alt_historian]] )
 +Was renamed "​Indigo Spatula"​ by [[Abdul Hadi Pasha]].
 +Has a keen interest in astronautics and aerospace topics.
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[Member List]]**
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