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 +====== alphabeta ======
 +Banned conspiracy theory nutcase, showed up in September 2017. An old-school conspiracy fan, he took our board members on a trip down memory lane, parroting the already-clich√©-a-decade-ago ramblings about "9/11 being an inside job", "the 9/11 attack jetliners being just holographic",​ etc., to the point that several people snarked in the thread about "jet fuel not being able to melt shoddily put together YouTube videos"​.
 +[[hall of infamy|Banned by CalBear]] for [[https://​​forum/​threads/​proof-that-no-planes-were-used-in-9-11.426220/​page-2#​post-15635594|for conspiracy theories and (suspected) trolling straight out of the gate]].
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[hall of infamy#​a|Hall of Infamy]]**
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