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American Board Member, he has been a member of the Alternate History forums since 4/20, 2011 (SeriouslyLink). He has always been known as Ain and always known as the Person of Interests.

Having been involved in Nation Games, Map Games, the occasionally modding role in either, he is a recent graduate of UC Davis and a current student at USC's Sacramento campus (yes it has one). He's been semi-active since 2011 in the Chat section of the forum, although he only posts when he feels that he has something to say. This explains his relatively low post count and overall lack of influence. Why is he even here?

Oh right. He's a politiyank, if only barely. His occasional comments make little to no sense, but at the same time, he is quick to point of issues with people like Orville or Color-Copycat and occasionally actually does his research. A bigger question is the following: How has he never met the other UC Davis students on the board? The world shall never know.

His description in depth had not been filled in yet, given his relative inactivity, but he should still be saying more stuff. After all, he does have a degree in Political Science.

Has never been banned or sent fishing. Friend of all, attempter of civility and truth.

Claims to fame

None. They know him in the Map Games forum, but isn't really “known” in this chat section.

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