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AHF Magazine

Alternate History Fiction (AHF) Magazine is an AH fiction magazine edited and published by Grey Wolf, under his Wolfian Press brand.

Published primarily digitally (in Kindle and Epub versions), it is also available printed on demand (for those who wish to collect a physical copy.

AHF Magazine - The official website.

AHF Magazine Terms & Conditions - Recommended reading for all who'd want to contribute to the contents.

AHF Magazine Twitter

Editor's e-mail

Alternate History Fiction Facebook site

Alternate History Fiction Twitter


AHF Magazine issue 1 out this week (April 2016, announcing the delay for a few months)

AHF Magazine is out! (October 2016)

AHF Magazine issue 2 is now out (November 2017)


No. Date ISBN Kindle link Epub link Amazon link + print
1 October 2016 978-1539353034 KL EPL 1, EPL 2 AL + print version
2 November 2017 KL EPL (all retailers) AL + print version

Issue 1 was also made available here, as a special offer with the publishing of Issue 1.

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