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-===== AH.comtropa Institute Committee ​Bill =====+===== AH.comtropa Institute Committee ​Act =====
 ==== Overview ==== ==== Overview ====
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 NONE voted against. NONE voted against.
-[[LightInfa]] (E), [[Ran Exilis]] (E), [[Haggis]] (E), [[Gladi]] (E), [[Demosthenes]] (E), [[Keenir]] (E), [[09camaro]] (E), Opposition Leader [[Kidblast]] (YSP), [[Nekromans]] (YSP), and Acting [[ahcom pm|Prime Minister]] [[fenkmaster|Douglas]] ​have not yet voted.+[[LightInfa]] (E), [[Ran Exilis]] (E), [[Haggis]] (E), [[Gladi]] (E), [[Demosthenes]] (E), [[Keenir]] (E), [[09camaro]] (E), Opposition Leader [[Kidblast]] (YSP), [[Nekromans]] (YSP), and Acting [[ahcom pm|Prime Minister]] [[fenkmaster|Douglas]] ​did not vote.
 +This bill met the conditions outlined in the [[legislative procedures bill|Legislative Procedures Act]] for expedited unanimous passage on February 1 and was eligible for signing by the president on February 2.  Voting officially closed on February 8, in accordance with Article III of the Legislative Procedures Act, the bill passing with 6 votes in favor, none against, and 9 abstaining.
 +The bill was signed into law by President [[Sargon]] on February 13, 2009. 
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