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The Provisional Committee for the Negotiation and Organisation of a Peaceable Transition of Government to one with Funnier Hats and Fancier Pants was a provisional body holding for a time de facto authority in the Imperial Republic of, and claiming de jure power, too, that came about as a result of the People's Funny Hat Revolution.

Envisioned Role in the Political System

The participants of the PCPCNOPTGFHFP envisioned the Committee as a body existing parallel to Parliament and Cabinet, the latter two holding merely auxiliary roles in that conception, with supreme authority resting with the Committee. It was originally concieved as a body in which negotiations between the revolutionary leaders and members of the government could take place.

The argument went that this was legitimated by its mandate to bring about much needed reform in the Political System of, and hence it was thought the Committee would only have its supreme authority for as long as it would follow the mandate, as had been made clear by some of its members, too. It was also planned to be restricted in time, only existing until the August Elections or “until it is declared otherwise”.


Ryder, another rebel co-leader and leader of the LP, was in the initial negotiations after the Funny Hat Revolution, but was not included in the Committee. Krall later tried to include him, but that was rejected by the other members.


The Committee came about as result of the Funny Hat Revolution, where after some initial skirmishes both sides agreed to negotiations. Hence, initially, it was nothing more than a round table to end the revolution peacefully. However, realising afer a time that negotiations might draw on, and with all sides accepting that the political system does need major reforms, ideas came up to make the PCPCNOPTGFHFP more permanent. Finally, a compromise was reached that determined the above explained envisioned state of the committee inside the political system. That new authority of the committee was never fully accepted by the political system, though there was no great resistance against it, either, until it began to fall apart from the inside.

Fighting between the moderate faction within the coup (Krall) and the most radical faction (Ryder)ended with bickering between the two and the fragmentation of the Funny Hat Revolutionary movement, after which Ryder was arrested (and temporarily killed), and Krall announced that he would leave politics once more. After a pro-Habsburg monarchist counter-counter-counter-coup by Susano, the entire revolutionary movement fell apart, and with it the PCPCNOPTGFHFP.

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