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The Code

There's a Geek Code, a Goth Code, a Grrl Code, and many other signature codes. (If you never heard of such codes: The purpose of said codes is to describe yourself - that is, concerning things that matter - in a few characters which you can put into your signature, and tend to look as if your cat ran over the keyboard, but that's beside the point.) So it was time for an Code, which was invented by Max Sinister.


Example: Max Sinister's code

A!!!Asb!!B*CD!!!FlFg!G!H*I!J!L* *M!Me!P!!Po!Pr*Q!S* T!!U*WY NI5II4C1N1 OACoCrCuDpDyEIPRlRsScW SpCoRe!!AzBrCaInIsItKhMtRpRuSfSoSwUn!AeAhByCsDrHMo ORcZ*Sl* * Bo!!!Cg!Co!Cp!!!E*Ed!!!F!R!Sf!So!!Tv/WgWw!!!Xy!VCS Ag30J02M1

(Meaning: I post everyday at least four postings, have thought about Triple DBWIs, read and write more about ASBs than usual, like parodies and reading/writing TLs very much, also like forum games, the Great Ian, ISOTs, jokes, maps, Mosaic Earths, have started more than one poll and asked more than one question, but don't like Blame Thande, luakel jokes, homosexual innuendo, porn, the Sheep thread, and of course really dislike Sea Lion.

Besides, I'm very much into books, computer programming and the WWW, also like computer games, comics, fantasy, RPGs, Sci-Fi, don't have a TV at the moment, but had real sex, work in computer science, am for a social, liberal politic, 30 years old, joined the board in 2002 and have more than 1000, but less than 2000 posts. In AH, I've got soft spots especially for the Renaissance, Revolutions and computers, also happen to like Aztecs, Brazil, Canada, India, Israel, Italy, Khwarezmia, Maglev trains, republics, spacefaring, Socialism, Switzerland and the UN, but don't like American Empires, Austria-Hungary, Byzantium, the CSA, Draka, HRE, Ottomans and the Race, monarchies and zeppelins (but don't hate them either, except slavery). I thought about including agronomy, communications, crime, culture, diplomacy, dynasties, economy, ideology, popular culture, religion, resources, science and weapon tech in my TLs. I started 5 threads concerning WW1, 4 about WW2, one about the ACW and one about Napoleon. None about the other Big 5.)

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