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A Die Hard Confederate

A newbish poster with few, if any, interesting posts, Confederate was particularly abrasive in the Shared Worlds forum, where his disastrous mismanagement of a country, god-modding of a country in Shared Worlds, and his failed attempts at serving as a Mod (Despite his lack of competence) resulted in a informal ban from Shared World Games.



For whatever reason, Confederate launched a battery of personal attacks against User VeniceInCalifornia, without obvious provocation and quickly leading to a kicking by Ian. Confederate managed to beat Ian to get one more punch in before the kicking came into effect, leading Ian to warn that Confederate was on his last chance.

Confederate was then revealed to be creating a sockpuppet account to evade the kick, and was banned as a result.


Confederate's best quality was probably his sheer silliness, such as the ability to ask for a flag of a Fourth Reich…in the before 1900 forum. Combined with his maniacal behavior and his instability, is clearly better without him.

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