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 ==== Voting in the Lower House ==== ==== Voting in the Lower House ====
-Voting in the Lower House of Parliament began on April 24, 2009 and will end on May 1, 2009.+Voting in the Lower House of Parliament began on April 24, 2009 and ended on May 1, 2009.
 [[09camaro]] (E), [[TheDarkServant]] (FFBF), [[Pkmatrix]] (YSP), [[Susano]] (FFF), and [[ahcom pm|Prime Minister]] [[LordInsane]] voted AYE. [[09camaro]] (E), [[TheDarkServant]] (FFBF), [[Pkmatrix]] (YSP), [[Susano]] (FFF), and [[ahcom pm|Prime Minister]] [[LordInsane]] voted AYE.
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 [[ahcom deputypm|Deputy Prime Minister]] [[maverick]] (E) voted NAY. [[ahcom deputypm|Deputy Prime Minister]] [[maverick]] (E) voted NAY.
-[[VulcanTrekkie45]] (YSP), [[Keenir]] (E), [[Ran Exilis]] (E), [[Haggis]] (E), [[Gladi]] (E), [[Demosthenes]] (E), Opposition Leader [[Kidblast]] (YSP), [[Nekromans]] (YSP), and [[Steffen]] (FFF) have not yet voted.+[[VulcanTrekkie45]] (YSP), [[Keenir]] (E), [[Ran Exilis]] (E), [[Haggis]] (E), [[Gladi]] (E), [[Demosthenes]] (E), Opposition Leader [[Kidblast]] (YSP), [[Nekromans]] (YSP), and [[Steffen]] (FFF) did not vote.
-==== Voting ​in the Landsraad ====+Unable to meet the passage requirements set out in either Article I or Article II Section 2 of the [[Legislative Procedures bill|Legislative Procedures Act]], this bill failed to pass.
-This bill has not yet reached the Landsraad. 
-==== Results ==== 
-This bill has not yet been passed by Parliament or been signed by the President. 
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
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