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The 1st Committees Bill of 2009

On August 27, 2009, Susano stepped in to end some back-and-forth arguing over the dormant Direct Democracy Bill and over changing the title of the President; in his words, “I guess, Parliament simply has too much business to stay on a single issue for any time…” Susano reminded everyone that the first provision of the Flag Bill, which had been signed over a week earlier, had not yet been carried out. Parliament had not chosen a Flag Committee to oversee a competition to design a flag for AH.Com. In addition, some issues surrounding the Military Bill had to be resolved. The Military Bill had technically been defeated two weeks earlier with 8 Nay votes, but debate had been cut off early and was expected to resume later. Specifically, Susano called for a “Committee for Military Hardware Purchases” to explore expanding AH.Com's military.

Discussion centered on how to represent the different parties and Cabinet ministries in the committees. Douglas, as Minister of War and Peace, was selected to chair the Committee for Military Hardware Purchases, while The Red, Minister of Propaganda, was nominated to chair the Flag Committee. Communist Wizard and Krall had earlier proposed plans to include members of as many parties as possible, but ultimately Douglas' suggestion was honored limiting both committees to four for efficiency's sake. The Escutcheonist Party was given extra representation in the Flag Committee because the Flag Bill had been a key Escutcheonist issue.

The distractable MPs returned to the issue of titles several times, which led to a lengthy debate on the true status of the Empress. Maverick managed to steer the discussion back toward the Flag Committee on August 29. An hour later, Susano introduced the Bill to Parliament. It passed with unanimous support. President TheDarkServant signed it on September 2.

On Sept. 20, Abdul Hadi Pasha raised an objection to the Committees Bill in the Landsraad on the grounds that military matters were a Presidential, not a Parliamentary, concern. So far the objection has not been seconded or thirded, which is required to bring it to a Landsraad vote.

Members of the committees

Flag Committee

  • The Red (DISPPR) (Minister of Propaganda)
  • Krall (BWS) (Known for his “judging skills”, selected to represent the EVIL-SS coalition
  • Benkarnell (ESP) (Selected to represent the FFF-ESP coalition)
  • Maharajah (ESP) (Member of the Landsraad and ESP leader, selected to give the ESP additional representation)

Commitee for Military Hardware Purchases

  • Douglas (E) (Minister for War and Peace)
  • maverick (E) (Requested a seat “as Prime Minister and instigator of the Military Hardware purchase”)
  • Susano (FFF) (Selected to represent the FFF-ESP coalition)
  • Iori (DISPPR) (Selected to represent the DISPPR-BBP coalition)

Text of the Bill

I. Be it decided that the Flag Commitee as established by the Flag Bill shall consist of Maharajah, Benkarnell, The Red, and Krall, with all duties and rights specififed in the Flag Bill.

II. a) Be it decided that a Commitee, named Commitee for Military Hardware Purchases, be established, which shall discuss and decide which military hadrware exactly the Armed Forces use.

b) Said Commitee shall have serve as preliminary for a future commitee drawing up individual regiments, and shall also take into account the general Rule of Cool, and longstanding traditions including but not limited to Space Marines and Airships in their deliberations.

c) Said Commitee shall work to eventually present their findings to Parliament, which shall then vote on them, to make the drawn up military hardware list official or to reject it.

d) Said Commitee shall consist of Douglas, maverick, Iori and Susano


Voted Aye

Douglas (E), Paladin (E), Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Jimbrock (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP), oakvale (Ind) (9)

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