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ابو كريم محمد ال

This peculiar troll from the bygone days of 2009 (whose name, when transliterated to Latin script reads “Abu Karim Muhammad Al*”, according to the likewise banned Abdul Hadi Pasha - “He probably copied from somewhere and ran out of room and thought nobody would notice,” the legendary Turcophile notes) is primarily noted for a particularly strange thread he published on the “After 1900” forum on 30 June, 2009. The timeline mostly involves a covert kidnapping of a secretly-Turco-Muslim(!) Albert Einstein by the Turkish government in 1932, culminating in a nuclear holocaust seven years later, presided over by a returned Prophet Muhammad. Its special brand of high-octane crazy cannot be conveyed solely by this Wiki page, and is best seen for one's self:

As noted by Ian (PBUH) when banning Abu Karim, this member was posting from Iceland, and thus probably not an actual jingoist of Arabic extraction as his username would suggest, but probably some sort of Islamophobe troll.

The thread is also notable for its striking milieu of fallen over-1000 posters who poked fun at the troll, as noted by Nerdlinger in 2012: “Wow, this thread is like a time capsule. It contains posts by a treasure trove of banned members besides the OP: Hendryk, Susano, Hashasheen, Sachyriel, Rebel, General Mung Beans, Keenir, Abdul Hadi Pasha, Ibn Warraq, Markus, Northstar, and Bearcat, all of whom were 1000+ posters except Northstar.” (Meanwhile, you may add Nietzsche, Dr. Strangelove, Zimmerwald1915, and FDW.)

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