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Bad Editing Habits : Too many red links

This is an article that explains often recurring issues with pages on the wiki that contain far too many red links.

Starting point info

This is a closely related problem to other issues related to crosslinking. Whether you're using this wiki or any other, you or any other readers for that matter will probably not enjoy an overly great presence of red links. Links that don't lead to any articles/pages, since there is nothing behind that particular adress.

Simple: Whenever you create a wiki link in a wiki page, and said link leads to a page that doesn't exist yet, it will be a red link. Often happens because of typos, namespace errors and such.


See Also

Stop spamming the Wiki Landshark! - A somewhat funnier older thread, where the outrage in the title is more amicable than serious. Landshark was criticised here (years ago, during the wiki's infancy) for creating too many unfinished subpages, too many red links on pages, and too many pages without adequate crosslinking.

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