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 =====Dixie===== =====Dixie=====
 +^Official Name|Republic of Dixie|
 +^Population|3.5 million in 1860|
 +^Largest City|Charleston|
 +Following the Great Split of 1852, Mississippi and Alabama banned together. As much of the continent was in tatters after the Split, a group of nations converged in Charleston including Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Dixie. It was voted that the south ban together under the Republic of Dixie. However, they where not very united. After [[Divided States of America: Deseret]], [[Divided States of America: California]] and [[Divided States of America: Texas]] got in a war against [[Divided States of America: Mexico]], Dixie intervened. During the Second Mexican-American War, the northwestern part of Virginia revolted and formed the Republic of West Virginia. The lack of support from Charleston enraged the Northern provinces who split off to form the Confederation of the [[Divided States of America: Cumberland]]. ​
 +In the aftermath of the Crimean War and the formation of alliances thereafter, Dixie joined the Parisian League, despite being surrounded by the [[Divided States of America: Cumberland]] and by [[Divided States of America: Mississippi]],​ who both joined the Imperial Alliance. It is one of the final three countries to allow slave labor, but the slave trade is illegal as it is internationally.
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