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 +^The American Revolutionary War^^
 +|Victor(s)| [[An American Oddity: the United States of America]], [[An American Oddity: The Constitutional Kingdom of France]], [[An American Oddity:The Holy Roman Empire]], [[An American Oddity:The Kingdom of the Netherlands]],​ ([[An American Oddity:The Kingdom of Spain]] against [[The Kingdom of Great Britain]])|
 +|Defeated|[[An American Oddity: The Kingdom of Spain]], [[An American Oddity: The Kingdom of Great Britain]]|
 +|Cause of Outbreak|Rebellion in New England colonies|
 +|Ended in|Treaty of Copenhagen|
 +The American Revolution started with Americans rebelling against British taxes to pay off war debt. Americans called the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774, where they tried to unite all the colonies. In April 1774, the first battles happened outside Boston. ​
 +The British led an unsuccessful campaign to control Boston. The Second Continental Congress adopted to objectives: to become independent,​ and to have Quebec join them. The U.S. Army led an attack against Quebec and Montreal, where they took control of the cities, winning foreign support. They easily defended New York.
 +The Americans led an attack on the Gulf region, when Spain and Britain lost many of their colonies. The Treaty of Copenhagen ended the war and created the United States
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