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 +^Office^Office Holder^Political Party^Home State^Preceded by^Followed by^
 +^Executive Chair|Thomas Jefferson|Democratic-Republican|Virginia|George Washington|Alexander Hamilton|
 +^Constitutional Chair|Alexander Hamilton|Federalist|New York|George Mason|Thomas Jefferson|
 +^Chair of State|John Adams|Federalist|Massachusetts|Thomas Jefferson|James Madison|
 +^Chair of the Treasury|James Madison|Democratic-Republican|Virginia|Alexander Hamilton|John Adams|
 +^Chair of Justice|John Marshall|Federalist|New York|John Jay|John Marshall|
 +^Chair of Defense|John Paul Jones (through 1799)|American|New York|Henry Knox|//​Office Ended//|
 +^Chair of the Interior|James Monroe|Democratic-Republican|Virginia|John Adams|James Monroe|
 +^Chair of the Army|John Paul Jones (from 1799)|American|New York|//​Office Created//​|John Quincy Adams|
 +^Chair of the Navy|John Paul Jones (from 1799)|American|New York|//​Office Created//​|William Bainbridge|
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