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Weekly Infobox Challenge

The Weekly Infobox Challenge (WIC) was started in autumn 2013, in an effort to create a regular, professionally organized contest in the vein of the Weekly Flag Challenge and Map of the Fortnight challenges.

Weekly Infobox Challenge: New Challenges & Previous Winners - This thread is reserved for the announcement of the winner of the current round and the announcement of a new round in the competition. New rounds can only be announced by the winner (or, in case of a tie, winners) of the previous round. It is forbidden to post competition entries in this thread.

Weekly Infobox Challenge: Discussion & Entries - This is the general discussion thread for the competition, as well as the one in which contestants post their entries (competing infoboxes) in each round. It also serves as a place to provide a link to a separate voting thread of the specific round (people then vote via poll in the voting thread for the infobox they like best).

List of rounds in the Weekly Infobox Challenge (quick overview)

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