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Weekly Flag Challenge - Guide for Volunteers

Welcome to the club.

1.) Familiarise yourself with the rules

Read the main page.

2.) Oversee the rounds

Just oversee the administration and check if anything is breaking the rules or off schedule. If something is wrong, give a gentle reminder to the challenge organizer.

3.) If you are asked to think of a challenge theme

  • Click here to access a random number generator.
  • In the box on the right, leave the minimum as 1.
  • Change the maximum to the latest round number, minus ten.
  • The randomly generated number is the challenge that will be re-used. Be sure to check that it still fits the latest rules. If it doesn't, generate a new number.
  • Announce it as the winner would.

4.) If you are asked to administer a round

Just follow the Guide for Winners

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