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Count Vlad Tepes Award for Excellence

Vlad Tepes Cruelty Award

On May 27, 2008, Adam awarded d-done the “Vlad Tepes Cruelty Award”, not accompanied by an image. Its relation to the Count Vlad Tepes Award for Excellence is unclear.

Count Vlad Tepes Award for Excellence

…in the field of posting elaborate tortures, uncivilized acts against humanity, and not knowing the meaning of the words “Cruel and Unusual”.

The earliest known use of the Tepes Award in its current form comes from Georgepatton, on February 12, 2010. His award was given to William Blake, and included the now-obligatory banner bearing the full title and an image of the namesake.

The award migrated to from where it was used in 'VS Debates', a sup forum based on determine who would win in fictional fights. The Vlad Tepes award was used to signify when a match was brutally unbalanced - a 'stomp thread'.


In 2010, Polish Eagle created the Theodore Roosevelt Award as an “opposite Vlad Tepes Award” which was later refined by Plumber.

In 2011, Polish Eagle created the "Charles Darwin Award for Excellence" in breeding so prolifically that there is no question of your victory in the genetic race.

In 2013, President Lenin created the Magical Wizard Award (sans image) for Magical Wizard, which is, apparently, like the Vlad Tepes Award but even more so.

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