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Turtledove Awards Plaque Gallery

Over the years, the award plaques of the Turtledove Awards have undergone various degrees of visual evolution. During the 2005-2012 period, the plaques shared variations of a relatively similar basic design. The 2012 Turtledove Awards marked the premiere of the first radical redesign of the award plaque since the yearly awards' conception during the early years of the New Board. Another major redesign was introduced later that same decade, in 2017. The following list contains an overview of the plaques' gradual evolution since 2005.

Evolution of Award Plaques

Unused Concept for Awards Plaque - Developed in 2005 along with the other design, but not adopted.

2005 Awards Plaque - The design was adopted in 2005. It became the basic template for award plaques for years to come, until 2012.

2006 Awards Plaque - A slight redesign of the 2005 plaque, with the background changed from bright red to light blue.

2007 Awards Plaque (placeholder) - A bigger redesign of the plaque from the first two years, but still largely identical.

2008-2011 Awards Plaque (placeholder) - A slightly resized and refurbished version of the 2007 redesign of the plaque, but still largely identical.

2012-2017 Awards Plaque - Previous version, designed by Pischinovski, used since 2012 until 2017. The longest-lived plaque design thus far. Also viewable here.

2017-Present Awards Plaque - Current version, designed by SargentHawk, used since 2017. Links TBA.

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