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President Cliché

These are presidents of the US or prime ministers of other countries, who are overused in timelines to the point that they have become cliché, and are often used just because they are known names.

US examples of this allohistorical cliché

For example, Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton are candidates often used in timelines as Presidents, regardless of POD or mitigating factors. Dole, for his part, took on an Eisenhower aesthetic and could be considered due for the Presidency (taking into account he needs to be elected to begin with). However, Ronald Reagan required a series of disillusions and the country near collapsing before he could become more than just a Goldwater with a few more Electoral points, and his politics were generally considered far too radical in the decades previous his election. Clinton was a low-key governor who required no other major Democrat running due of fear of being decimated by a (at the time) popular incumbent who was assured reelection. He also required Bush being destroyed by recession, and Perot siphoning votes. In other words, he got damned lucky. Jimmy Carter and Robert E. Lee also seem to appear as a Confederate Presidents on rather common occasion.

List of clichéd allohistorical US presidents

  • Benedict Arnold
  • William T. Sherman
  • Jack Kennedy
  • Robert Dole
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Richard Nixon
  • Nelson Rockefeller
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • Henry “Scoop” Jackson
  • Edward “Ted” Kennedy
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • John McCain
  • Charles Lindbergh*
  • William Jennings Bryan
  • Robert Kennedy
  • Huey Long*
  • Eugene Victor Debs

* - Will likely be attached to an Authoritarian or Fascist Government.

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