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 [[offtopic:​ScorchedLight]]'​s [[ASB]] [[stories:​stories|story series]] //​**[[stories:​The Failure]]**//​ is set in his native [[offtopic:​Chile]]. [[offtopic:​ScorchedLight]]'​s [[ASB]] [[stories:​stories|story series]] //​**[[stories:​The Failure]]**//​ is set in his native [[offtopic:​Chile]].
 +In [[offtopic:​Jared]]'​s //​**[[timelines:​Decades of Darkness]]**//,​ something is definitely happening there... as in, the *US meddles in a Brazilian Civil War between monarchists/​slaveholders and republicans/​slavery opponents (and so does Germany, on the other side) and later expands until they reach down to Tierra del Fuego. Even later, they split up Brazil into three parts... yeah, just because the cliche is avoided, South America isn't necessarily better off.
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