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The Map of the Fortnight Contest New Challenge Suggestions

For the MotF main page please go here.

For the list of MotF challenge suggestions please go here.

This page is for new challenge suggestions for the MotF contest. When you have an idea for a challenge suggestion, please post it in the Main Thread first, then post it on here using the template below. Your suggestion will then be checked by a contest official and moved over to the full list on this page.

How to add a challenge suggestion:

Go to “Edit this page” at the top-left, then copy the part of the table that looks like this:

|**Example Challenge Title**|Example challenge text.|

Then paste this directly below the original on a new line, replace the example title and text with the title and text of your own challenge, and save the page.

If you have any problems feel free to contact Krall by posting in the Main Thread, or sending him a private message on the forum.

Challenge Title Challenge Text
Example Challenge TitleExample challenge text.
Where the Streets are Paved with GoldMake a map showing a region as it is perceived in another part of the world.
Loose ChangeMake a map showing the events proposed by an ATL conspiracy theory.
Saints out of SinnersMake a map showing a country which had been oppressive, backwards, and/or prejudiced, but has made significant progress in becoming more accepting and free.
The Pen is Mightier…Make a map showing a world where a conflict that happened in our timeline, or in the canon of a fantasy/sci-fi world, was avoided peacefully through diplomacy. A fantasy example would be the War of the Five Kings (ASOIAF), if Renly and Stannis had agreed on who should be king. It wouldn't be valid, however, if they only agree to ally until Joffrey is dealt with (beause that's not solving their conflict, only delaying it).
Humanity's Finest HourMake a map showing the operations of an organisation dedicated to helping people. The organisation may be regional, national, or international, and you may show all or several of its operations or focus on its actions in one country or region or at one time. “Helping people” includes providing information (including organisations dedicated to scientific research and transparent journalism), providing healthcare, protected against disaster, protecting rights and liberties (both in general and those of minorities), etc.
World PoliceMake a map showing a regional conflict or its aftermath where a superpower or world-spanning empire has militarily intervened.
Hope and ChangeMake a map showing the results of a realigning election in a nation. Realigning elections for example is UK 1945, 1983, 1997 & USA 1860, 1896, 1932, 1968, 1980 , 2008.
Just in CaseMake a map depicting a country's war plan. It can show, for example, invasion routes and areas, targets for ground, naval or air raids, nuclear strikes, sabotage operations, logistical plans … The plan can either be realistic and well-designed, or ill-thought and wildly optimistic.

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