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The Map of the Fortnight Contest New Challenge Suggestions

For the MotF main page please go here.

For the list of MotF challenge suggestions please go here.


If you wish to add new challenge suggestions to the wiki, you may do so on the challenge suggestions page, as linked to above.

This page is for new challenge suggestions for the MotF contest. When you have an idea for a challenge suggestion, please post it in the Main Thread first, then post it on here using the template below. Your suggestion will then be checked by a contest official and moved over to the full list on this page.

How to add a challenge suggestion:

Go to “Edit this page” at the top-left, then copy the part of the table that looks like this:

|**Example Challenge Title**|Example challenge text.|

Then paste this directly below the original on a new line, replace the example title and text with the title and text of your own challenge, and save the page.

If you have any problems feel free to contact Krall by posting in the Main Thread, or sending him a private message on the forum.

Challenge Title Challenge Text
Example Challenge TitleExample challenge text.

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