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Map Index

Internet sources

National Geographic *link

The Division of Territory in Society by Ed Stephan (2006) Ebook *link

Blank maps

Diamond's base map 2005, black and white *link

Diamond's base map 2005, blue sea, brown internal borders *link

Diamond's base map 2005, with internal borders of Canada, USA and UK *link

Ditto, Pacific centred *link

Ditto, Atlantic centred, and internal borders of Mexico and Australia (Australia's are a bit off) (Straha) *link

Ditto, and internal borders of South America (Blitzit) *link

Base map 2005 with shadow effect *link

A bigger world map 2006, no internal borders, shows lakes, islands and Antarctica (Diamond) *link

Ditto, Pacific centred *link

Floid's world map 2006, shows islands, microstates and Antarctica *link

Hapsburg's world map, big, globe view, no borders *link

Ditto, with land masses outlined *link

Kabraloth's world map 2006, globe view *link

Ditto, with cool shadow effect and starfield background *link

USA, shows states (Floid) *link

USA, shows states and counties (Chingo360) *link

North America, rivers, no internal borders *link

Europe 2005 *link *link

Europe, rivers, no borders (G.Bone) *link

Germany 2006, with internal borders (Thande) *link

The Balkans 2006 (Imajin) *link

Indian subcontinent (Diamond) *link

Mars, terraformed (Cornivus) *link (Diamond) *link

OTL maps

World 2006 (Thande) *link

World 2006, shows islands and microstates (Thande) *link

World 1975 (Thande) *link

World 1950 (Thande) *link

World 1942 (Thande) *link

World 1939 (Thande) *link

World 1925 (Thande) *link

World 1914 (Thande) *link

World 1901 (Thande) *link

World 1850 (Thande) *link

World 1812 (Thande) *link

World 1800 (Thande) *link

World 1700 (Thande) *link

World 1600 (Thande) *link

World 1500 (Thande) *link

Europe 1939 (Thande) *link

Europe 1925 (Thande) *link

Europe 1914 (Thande) *link

Europe 1900 (Thande) *link

Europe 1815 (Thande) *link

Europe 1812 (Thande) *link

Fascist Europe, with dates *link

Europe 1648 *link

India before 1947, labelled in Spanish *link

POD after 1865

The 38 States of the United States *link See also: *link

POD 1492 to 1865

GURPS Dixie (Diamond) *link

New Hebrides World Diamond) *link See also: *link

POD before 1492

Kirghiz World (Diamond) *link See also: *link

The Wheels of If (B. Munro) *link

Fantastic maps and geological PODs

Mars, terraformed *link

Sealevels lower (Thande) *link

Venus, terraformed *link

See also: World Dream Bank maps

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