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-====== Map-Flag Blindness Confusion Syndrome ====== 
-A condition affecting many people on the [[map thread]] and [[flag thread]], causing them to refer to flags as maps and (less commonly) vice versa. 
-Has been known to irritate [[offtopic:​Krall]] (it's No. 2352336324 on the list of things that irritate Krall). 
-"​Actually it doesn'​t irritate me. What does irritate me is people saying that something irritates me when it doesn'​t irritate me. It's irritating."​ - Krall 
-"It also irritates me when people say that I say something irritates me, when in fact I never said anything about that fact irritating me, but rather I mentioned that a distinct, though similar, irritation regarding statements of my irritation irritated me.  Especially when it isn't funny."​ - [[offtopic:​Krall]] 
-==== Navigation ==== 
-**[[Maps and Flags]]** 
-**[[offtopic:​ Culture]]** 
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