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At the Movies: Recommended Films

The Balkans

When Father was Away on Business dir. by Emir Kusturica (1985; Yugoslavia).

Dancing in Water/Hey Babu Ribia dir. by Jovan Aćin (1987; Yugoslavia).

The Oak dir. by Lucian Pintile (1992; Romania).

Tito and Me dir. by Goran Marković (1992; Yugoslavia).

Before the Rain dir. by Milcho Manchevski (1994; Macedonia).

Underground dir. by Emir Kusturica (1995; Serbia).

No Man's Land dir. by Danis Tanović (2001; Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia

The Shop on Main Street dir. by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos (Czechoslovakia; 1965).

Closely Watched Trains dir. by Jiří Menzel (Czechoslovakia; 1966).

The Joke dir. by Jaromil Jireš (Czechoslovakia; 1968).

Larks on a String dir. by Jiří Menzel (Czechoslovakia; 1969).


Father dir. by István Szabó (1966).

The Red and the White dir. by Miklos Jancsó (1967).

Adoption dir. by Márta Mészáros (1975).


Ushpizin (2005).


A Generation dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1954).

Kanal dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1956).

Ashes and Diamonds dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1958).

Katyn dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (2007).

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