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At the Movies: Recommended Films


Camila dir. by Maria Luisa Bemberg (1984).

The Official Story dir. by Luis Puenzo (1985).

The Balkans

When Father was Away on Business dir. by Emir Kusturica (1985; Yugoslavia).

Dancing in Water/Hey Babu Ribia dir. by Jovan Aćin (1987; Yugoslavia).

The Oak dir. by Lucian Pintile (1992; Romania).

Tito and Me dir. by Goran Marković (1992; Yugoslavia).

Before the Rain dir. by Milcho Manchevski (1994; Macedonia).

Underground dir. by Emir Kusturica (1995; Serbia).

No Man's Land dir. by Danis Tanović (2001; Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia

The Shop on Main Street dir. by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos (Czechoslovakia; 1965).

Closely Watched Trains dir. by Jiří Menzel (Czechoslovakia; 1966).

The Joke dir. by Jaromil Jireš (Czechoslovakia; 1968).

Larks on a String dir. by Jiří Menzel (Czechoslovakia; 1969).


Father dir. by István Szabó (1966).

The Red and the White dir. by Miklos Jancsó (1967).

Adoption dir. by Márta Mészáros (1975).


Ushpizin dir. by Gidi Dar (2005).

Waltz with Bashir dir. by Ari Folman (2008).


A Generation dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1954).

Kanal dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1956).

Ashes and Diamonds dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (1958).

Katyn dir. by Andrej Wajdaw (2007).

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