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A collection of discussions and reviews for AH works and AH-related works that AH.commers have done over the years. Works are sorted by medium.

General discussion



Odd thing about published AH fiction

AH Novels to Avoid

Checklist of English-Language Sci Fi Concerning Canadian Separatist Conflicts

French and Italian AH recommendations thread

Sampling of AH books in Russia thread

Fyodor Berezin – The Ukraine’s Dale Brown

Alternate History Fiction set in India and Korea


The Land Ironclads

Anti-Ice, by Stephen Baxter

The Lost Regiment series by William R. Forstchen

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, for airship lovers

The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith

Charles Stross' Lovecraftian Cold War SF short story

Everything ASB with the Draka Series

Review of Destroyermen: Into the Storm

Shimbo's AH Book reviews - Fatherland by Robert Harris

Shimbo's AH Book reviews - SS-GB by Len Deighton

A Review of Harry Turtledove's "The Great War: Breakthroughs"

Harry Turtledove's short stories

Egypt survives, good writing doesn't

The Peshawar Lancers Timeline

So, I'm nearing the end of the 3rd Emberverse book and I really dislike them

Lord of Mountains and Emberverse thoughts

The Given Sacrifice by S.M. Stirling

Guess which Australian survived The Change ?

Harry Turtledove - Last Orders review

Turtledove's historical fiction

The Long Earth

AH novel from Hong Kong: Victorious Nationalist China 1949-1979

"The Long Earth" - anybody got/read it ?

Destroyermen series

Carl Amery's books == Non-fiction == Steadfast Jazz - NATO's Swedish alternate history Book on Luftwaffe's X-planes The Strange Maps guy is going to publish an atlas —- ==== Comics ==== Some great AH comic book titles to check out Grandville, by Bryan Talbot Jour J: A French AH-themed comic series Graphic novel: Jour J, volume "Vive l'Empereur!" Is Gotham a city state ? Wunderwaffen, Vol. 1-2 —- ==== Television ==== Sliders - Article on the 90s multiverse travel series, with a list of discussions, reviews and sources. AH TV movie/series to premiere on Sunday New ALTish TV series "Kings" Let's discuss the AH elements in "Fringe" Revolution pilot is online - Continuing review and criticque of the ASB POD post-apocalyptic show Revolution. Why People Hate "Alternate History" by SPIKE-TV Supernatural takes on alternate history The BBC's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell miniseries preview Ascension: An alternate space race for television SyFy Channel plans "Man in the High Castle" TV miniseries The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime TVE's El Ministerio del Tiempo Timeless Do you know of any alien planet mocumentaries comparable to Barlowe's 'Expedition' ? —- ==== Film ==== == General discussion == AH movies - Yeah or nay ? == Film adaptations of AH fiction == Challenge: Adapt The Man in the High Castle Turtledove fans, does anybody want to see a Harry Turtledove book turned into a movie ? == Reviews of existing works == Coming Soon to a theater near you: Skycaptain AH on the big screen - Watchmen coming ! C.S.A. The Movie CSA Movie - Poorly researched, horribly done 2009 : Lost Memories Is District 9 alternate history ? The Great Dictator as AH Richard III in the 1930s Review of Philadelphia Experiment 2 Dystopian Back to the Future II world post-1985 Inglorious Basterds Independence Day: Offically Alternate History —- ==== Video games ==== Alternate History Games Alternate history is becoming popular with game developers Building Corpus of AH PC Games for study work Your favorite AH games Do you play AH-themed games ? List of AH-related media (books, movies, shows, games, etc.) Books, Movies and Games that EVERY AH fan must know Least ASB alternate history game Shattered Union Alternate History Video Games (1) Alternate History Video Games (2) —- ==== Flags and insignia ==== Best and worst national flags Bad Flag Thread Does anyone know why Liberian county flags are so terrible ? —- ==== Maps and cartography ==== Fun for fans of wince-inducingly wrong maps! (Horrible Educational Maps) Return of Horrible Educational Maps Post your first maps Maps you are most proud of The Strange Maps guy is going to publish an atlas —- ==== See Also ==== Books and Media Forum List of AH Media and Works on the Wiki The Upcoming AH Books List Alternate History Book Club Useful Resources on Non-Fiction History Books —- ==== Navigation ==== Alternate History Topics Section Main Directory Alternate History on the Web Main Directory**

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