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2020 Turtledove Awards Winners

The Turtledove Awards for 2019 were held in February and March 2020.

Gwrtheyrn Annwn and Zagan oversaw the awards administration.

I. General Alternate History Timelines

(Timelines from the Pre-1900 and Post-1900 and Chat forums.)

Best Ancient Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
A Horn of Bronze - The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond by metalinvader665 - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline by Planet of Hats - award plaque

Best Early Modern Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
To Be a Fox and a Lion - A Different Nordic Renaissance by Milites - award plaque

Best Colonialism and Revolutions Era Timeline (“Before 1900” Forum)
Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline by Earl Marshal - award plaque

Best Early 20th Century Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
The Footprint of Mussolini by Sorairo - award plaque

Best Cold War to Contemporary Timeline (“After 1900” Forum)
Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60’s and Beyond by President_Lincoln - award plaque

Best Pop-Culture Timeline (timeline mainly focused on popculture)
"Where Are We Going This Time": The Golden Age of Science-Fiction by Timelordtoe - award plaque

Best Finished Timeline (“Finished Timelines & Scenarios” Forum)
No entries or winners.

Best Chat Timeline (“Chat” Forum)
Deng and Xi "Upholding" Marxism: A Tankie Message Board Joke "Timeline" by RiverDelta - award plaque

II. Future History/Science Fiction/Fantastical Timelines

(Timelines from the Future History and Alien Space Bats forums.)

Best Future History Timeline
Piecing Together the Ashes: Reconstructing the Old World Order by Anarcho-Occultist - award plaque

Best Original Alien Space Bats Timeline (The SergeantHeretic Award)
Hurry up living or Hurry up dying. A WW2 Polish SI Story by jeandebueil - award plaque

Best Based on Fiction Alien Space Bats Timeline
The Weaver Option (A Warhammer 40000 Crossover) by Antony444 - award plaque

Best Based on ASOIAF Alien Space Bats Timeline
The Blacks, The Greens and The Reds (Rhaenyra SI) by Leonie46 - award plaque

III. Stories, Short Timelines and Flash Timelines

(Stories from the Writer's Forum and short-format timelines from various forums.)

Best Writer's Forum Story
Well Met By Starlight: A Tale of First Contact by Thande - award plaque

Best Flash Timeline
Bring us Together or Tear us Apart by Wolfram - award plaque

IV. Shared Worlds Games

(Projects from the Shared Worlds forum.)

Best Shared Worlds Map Game
Tossed Through Alternate History by ChaosCron, ZeSteel, theclerk, CannedTech, TheDetailer - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds Nation and Modded Game (The Kaiser K Award)
Century of Lights by Karolus Rex - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds Election Game
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Gonzo and TheReformer - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds RPG
Mistfall, a Post Nuclear Supernatural RPG by Mr.Gatsby - award plaque

V. Alternate History Artwork

VI. Alternate History Features

Best Featured Character
Kristina (Kiki) von Preußen from Stupid Luck and Happenstance by Peabody-Martini - award plaque

Best Quote
"Lady Bird is going to fucking kill me for this" from Blue Skies In Camelot: An Alternate 1960s and Beyond by President_Lincoln - award plaque

Best POD
No entries and winners. Honourable mention to the POD of Washington killed during the Braddock Expedition, from Redcoats on the Red Clay Soils: An America Without Washington by bennett

VIII. Personal Awards

The Newcomer Award
HeX​ - award plaque

Robert P. Perkins Award for Outstanding Contributions to Alternate History
B_Munro - award plaque

2020 Turtledove Awards Introduction - A general look at the minor changes and additions effective from this contest year onward.

2020 Turtledove Awards Chat and Clarification (The Lounge) - The main discussion thread for the awards. Do not post nominations, seconds or corrections of the previous two things in this thread. There are separate threads for that (see below).

2020 Turtledove Awards Nominations Directory - Rather than a single nomination thread, this contest year introduces several nomination threads, all linked to from this single directory (similar to the voting thread directory that comes later).

2020 Turtledove Awards Poll Directory - Single directory collecting all voting polls.

2020 Turtledove Awards Winner Announcements, Acceptances, & Congratulations - The general thread for the results of this year's awards.

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