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    UPDATED!  Yes, after a very long period of time I have finally updated this site.  The date is July 2002, and the last time I had updated this site before that time was February 2001.  Between that period my Alternative Zoology website fell off the Internet, why I don't know.  I'm also in three Alternate History RPGs.  You will find information on all three before with my scenarios.

Agrarianist's Scenarios-
   My original website was focused on Alternative Zoology, but some problems occurred with the website and it is no longer in existence.  But don't fear, I have enough of the information from the old website to rebuild it on this newer platform.  The link below will take you to the new website, a practical clone of the old one.
   Agrarianist's Alternative Zoology Website

Spiritualist's Scenarios-
    Melted Like Snow.  A freak disease hitting the Assyrian Army in 722 BCE results in the Kingdom of Israel being given another lease on life.  Only to find utter destruction at the hands of her sister Kingdom of Judah years later.
    Spiritualist America.  The chaos of London in the 1790's causes one of Spiritualism's founders, Robert Hindmarsh, to flee to America.  Find out what happens from there in this scenario.
    Gnostic Christianity.  Saul never hears the voice of Jesus Christ, allowing the battle over who will rule the Christian religion to be fought between the Jewish and Gnostic sects of Christianity.
    Luciferism.  In the year 1936, Italian construction workers discovered a small library of books by a small sect of early Christians.  Explore the religion of Luciferism, the followers of Lucifer.

Other Alternate History Scenarios-

Not Enough Votes . . .
    A look at an America in which Nixon is defeated in 1968, with Democratic candidate Hubert Humphrey elected instead.  At this time the scenario has been taken all the way to the election of 1980, and will continue past that.
   President Hubert Humphrey.  Switching the votes in several states, this alternate history looks at the changes caused by having President Hubert Humphrey elected instead of Nixon in 1968.  From Vietnam to drugs to welfare, how does this Minnesota liberal fair as president?  Humphrey's administration is looked at in a series of 11 parts.
    President Edmund Muskie.  As the Vice-President of Humphrey, this Maine Democrat is the hand picked successor to Muskie in the 1976 election.  But he will be faced with a growing movement on the right opposed to the large welfare state and the lack of a policy by the Democrats that deals with the drug epidemic.  Muskie's administration is looked at in a series of 6 parts.
    President George Bush.  In 1980 the Republicans finally elect their first President since Eisenhower, in the form of Senator George Bush.  But the same election also sees a strong Libertarian candidacy, winning over 10% of the popular vote.  The newly elected president faces an energy crisis and a growing national debt, how will he deal with it?  Bush's administration is still being developed, but you can look at what has been constructed so far.

"There are not enough bombs, not enough soldiers, not enough guns to fight a war not supported by the people."
--Hubert Horatio Humphrey.

Alternate History RPGs-
    SHWI ISOT.  What happens when the maybes if SHWI (soc.history.what-if) are sent back in time to the year 1800?  Click here to go to the mailing list for the game and find out.  Soon to come will be a link on my character in the game.
    Gentleman's Club.  This is an alternate evolution discussion list, where the worlds and animals described are visited by hunters or explorers from the Gentleman's Club, and inter-timeline organization of Victorian Hunters, Roman Werewolves, and more!  Remus is the world that I have designed in the Gentleman's Club, home of these 'Roman Werewolves.'
    Encyclopedia Multiversica.  A new alternate history discussion list that will focus on some of the more science fiction like aspects of counter factuals (that's another name for alternate histories).  Still in its infancy.

    The Science of Hell.  Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?
    More Theological Thermodynamics.  Is Heaven hotter than Hell?


Alternate History
    The Triumph of Manichaeanism.  Five star alternate history, highly suggested to everyone!
    Forgotten Futures.  Great Victorian RPG.
    A World of Difference.  A timeline focused on the Difference Engine.
    Tommy's Page of Alternate History.  Homepage of the wonderful Confederation of America States timeline.
    Sugar and Spice.  A truly excellent timeline, by Anthony Mayer.

Historical Information
    Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections.  The ultimate source on Presidential Elections, period.
    United States Historical Census Data Browser.  A very good source for information on the Census in the past.

    Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.  The best site on the net for religious information.
    The Gnosis Archive.  Information on Gnosticism and the related Nag Hammadi Library.

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