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  • I'm sorry for everything I ever did and everything I ever said.
    I think your best course of action would be to not call yourself such awful things. Remorse for bad behaviour is welcome, but not self-hatred with the use of such hateful words.
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  • All of your stories disappeared from AO3 earlier, I was re-reading mofm because you updated and then went to the next chapter and everything was gone. Is something wrong or happen with the site?
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  • Are there any active members that registered on this site before you besides Ian? You're #29, and I've yet to find an earlier member.
    I believe if you tag somebody like this: @Tucker Dwynn

    and fiddle around with the numbers while editing the post (but without saving, if you want to be safe), you may find an earlier user.

    Edit: No need —, just swap out X with any number.

    The user Grey Wolf is #3, but was last active a while ago.
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  • Hey! A long time ago, I saw a map of yours which was abt the Japanese discovering some weird continent filled with kaijus that constantly phased on and out of our reality in the Pacific ocean during ww2.

    Do you have a link to that map,I can't seem to find it anywhere?
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  • Just found out water bottles have an expiration date. What the fuck????? 0____0 I did not know that, wow.... Also theres an episode where Tom and Jerry commit suicide?!? What in gods name.
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  • Hey pocket, have you considered writing a sequel to your HMS Anson soldiers on timeline? That was really well done and I enjoyed it. :)
    The problem is choosing a conflict that I can insert a Battleship into. Mind you a Battleship makes a statement.
    The UK was a part of desert storm. There’s also Lebanon.
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  • Hiya Vidal!

    I love your work, so I was wondering if there was a list somewhere of all the original writings you've made and TLIAW's you've participated in?

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  • And now I have to apply for my job again because it was only a one year contract, apparently.

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  • Feel free to read my whole timeline. Trust me, it's worth a read. (And I still occassionally add some additional appendices.)
    Caesura 1
    Yes, I read the whole timeline! It was very enjoyable, thank you for making it! It's a bit harder to find closed-form ones, I have to admit. I loved the retrospectives and the modern-age speculation. It really helps breathe life into this other possible world.
    Petike 1
    Thank you ! High praise. I'm still looking into finally doing those illustrations I promised back when I wrote the timeline. Maybe I'll also do a map or two, about the spread of the invention, and the situation in the Americas in ATL 2020.

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  • When did the Drakan settled in South Congo and Georgetown in SDTL?
    Anna_Luciana 1
    South Congo is the Draka term for Katanga. The Draka settle the area in 1892. Georgetown is the Draka name for Lubumbashi.
    Absolutely thank you and also...

    Just wait for a couple hour 😉 I hope you going to enjoy it