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  • The History of the Holy Trek led by the Drakan Mormons pioneers

    Nothing had happened on Francisland 1850-1861
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    “There is no such thing as Tswanaland”
    leaked video about Dissenter know about Tswanland getting brainwashed by the Drakan Special Janissaries (DSJ), Somewhere in Northmark 1938 CA
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  • Re-redoing the PRC internals for the Q-BAM and Xinjiang is giving a bit of a headache with the XPCC, was wondering if you could help me out?
    The mpas I've found on Wikipedia have led me to some conflicting conclusions, do you know if there are any XPCC Divisions that have been dissolved?
    Sorry, I cannot help you at all with this.
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  • Hey Rdffigueira hope you’re doing good and you didn’t mind me asking but I was wondering if you know when the next update will be.
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  • Hi. My name is @Otakuninja2006, nice to meet you!

    I've recently read your TL and I enjoyed it, but didn't like that it stopped so abruptly:

    But yeah, I like it, and the Nintendo TV idea completely took me off guard.

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  • Mr. Cire I was aspired by your take on the Mormons and Australia that I upload my personal Headcanon in the Photo of Featherston and other thread
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    Thank you for the comment! You are correct, the Vaisalas in the StarReach-verse are an ATL version of the OTL Väisälä family. ITTL, the company is more successful and bigger earlier. The company stays in family ownership, and moves to America at some point to establish its base of operations there.

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  • 12 Year without any messages?
    No up my alley mate and hope you have a great day for the vid

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  • You has a very good insight about Russia on the thread mate. Really intriguing
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    Why thank you and likewise :)

    Honestly, I am just a fan of history who loves to read up on obscure stuff for fun.