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  • Hi,
    I just found your content. Wondering what would you say is time between chapters on your stories? if nothing get hectic in real life. though I’m manly inquiry about The Weaver Option. Though I’m sure others wouldn’t mind if you included the other. If it’s already posted somewhere i haven’t managed to find it. I noticed it very around 2-3 months I just want to make sure so I not constantly check back on it.
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    The time between two chapters of my stories is very variable, I'm afraid.
    The only guarantee I give is that I try to post one chapter of The odds were never in my favour (Harry Potter AU, not updated here for now) once per month.
    For the Weaver Option...yeah, 2-3 months is in general the 'norm'. It is heavily dependent on the size of the chapters in questions.
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  • I don't know if you're one of our Finnish members, but if yes, cool username. :) I'm a big fan of the Brewster Buffalo. :)
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    Yes, I'm Finnish, hence the niche plane name. A solid plane when de-navalized.
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  • Hey, saw your message in the Red Dawn fic thread. I've put a query in on the HPCA Facebook group to see what the deal is. And you know as much as I do at the moment.
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  • Hello. I've added a few more timeline-relevant links to that spoilered explanation in my post in the alternate aviation thread.
    Yep, been reading them... Poland is a 'complicated' situation you say? Can't imagine why :)
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  • The Byzantophile story is fantastic. I was surprised no one had at least said this to you on your wall. You're a great writer, and Byzantium forever!
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  • @Nivek
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  • I recalled your post, & if you were still interested I have an outline for a successful rebellion, (Dabbling in several, but this one has maps and details) that could maybe be a fun reference point, though its your call if interested or not.