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  • Laptop back from repair! Also Kroq-gar demands blood, Mew demands attention and Edmund the Cat demands his own role in a story.
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  • Maybe i am wrong, but Anubis-Excelsior (Your Custodes Captain-general), shouldn't use the Watcher's Axe and not a Guardian Spear?
    What each Captain uses is at his discretion and no one else. We are not in the 'true' GW setting where everyone uses a certain weapon ignoring whatever skills they have.
    And please, no general questions like this on the profile. There's a general thread for this kind of discussion.
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  • Do you take requests?
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  • I feel like you dont have enough overly complex canons and timelines in your multiple SI stories, have you considered adding a star wars SI to the mix? It would also have the benefit of driving you insane which everyone knows is a requirement for good fantasy writing.
    My knowledge of Star Wars is spotty at best. If I was to do any sci-fi series it would be Stargate and others have done better.
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  • ArchimedesCircle
    Maybe? I got hit with a lot of internet issues in October and then got side tracked by a death in the family, grad school applications and then having to get out of China before the Coronavirus got too big. I hope to continue though, and your message might just be the push I need to get started again.
    Woah say about a trauma conga lina, those were a lot of bad events put together, so not problem them, just asking
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  • Hello! Saw your comment on rinasoir's story and just glad to see you back here again, may I ask if you still have any intentions of continuing Sean Bean Book 3?
    High Plains Drifter 1
    At some point (some year) I will get back to each of Sean Bean 3, A Legion for Westeros, Charles Dance Saves Westeros, High Plains Robert, and my other lingering in limbo projects. But real life (work and home) needs to calm down a whole lot more before I can muster the energy and frame of mind to return to the keyboard. Thanks for asking.
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  • Could you delete this for me? I feel like I need a break from this website for a while.

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  • Hello and good Day/Night (Whatever Timezone you are in) miketr.
    I would like to inquire about the status of your "The Kaiser's Paper Navie's" Timeline. As i am a major fan of that work and hope it is not dead or abandoned.
    Either way this is only a question no attempt to pressure you in doing anything.
    Have a good Day/Night
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  • If Earth flipped into the Pratchett-verse where belief became reality, would we cause ASBs to actually exist?