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  • Hello,
    will you do NaNoWriMo and if yes will it be on your current stories or a new one?
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    No, I don't think so...(I might argue I already did it with the Weaver Option, at least two chapters went over the 50 000 words limit)...staying an entire month on a single story would require me to begin an entirely new one and forget for a lot of days all the other timelines. I already have my own projects, thank you very much.
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  • "Canada, a country covered with snows and ices eight months of the year, inhabited by barbarians, bears and beavers"

    So, Bruno, are you barbarian, bear or beaver?

    Edit; And 52? You're officially fossilized!
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  • just read through all of your Axis of the Andes timeline.
    Good stuff! I didn't see the Inca Empire plot twist coming!
    Thanks for an excellent timeline.
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  • You use the term Hepthalshahs. What does it mean?
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    Lady Visenya
    Lady Visenya
    I figured as much, I just had never seen that term anywhere before. Did you come up with it? Or is it something in non-English stuff?
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    Generally, there is a custom in traditional Arabic and Persianate literature to refer to roughly Iranic entities in Central Asia as >name of tribe or region< + >shah<. Case in point, Khwarezemshahs which was the term used by the Abbasid state in discourse with them and with others, such as the Mongol armies that surged into the region.
    Lady Visenya
    Lady Visenya 1
    Thank you! As a native English speaker with only some basic knowledge of Greek (I'm learning) I love learning this sort of stuff. Languages are just so fascinating to me. Thank you for indulging me, John!:)
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  • I think it's great that you're gonna give Separated at Birth a solid end even when you're tired of it. About these rolls, it sucks to see all this doubt, negativity, about where things are going, about how you'll write. Mostly seems like people who're rooting for a stomp, and want to push the story that way. I hope this doesn't make finishing this any harder or less fun, its a really impressive piece of work.
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  • Hey there, I just want to say that The Fountainhead Filibuster is really good! While I haven't gotten the chance to read it in its entirety, what I have read is compelling and unique. I'm planning on using the concept of amphetamine-laced cigs for my TL, albeit with an interwar spin, but I'm going to credit your work as an inspiration when I do introduce them, and I hope that's okay!