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Zionist Uganda

"We've truely reached the end of history."

University of Salisbury Professor Michael Tasiru Stanwood in a guest lecture to students at the University of Tel Aviv, June 2069.


The first half of the 2060s involved the reconstrion and earthquake proofing of the American midwest. Heavy aid from around the globe, but especially from the FDN allowed for the reconstruction to move very smoothly.

The massive waves of immigration from China finally began to drop as China itself rebuilt itself into one of the central states of the APTO. Plans were unveiled in Beijing for a floating tunnel system which would link Korea with Honshu. Similar designs to connect India and Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia, and mainland China with Taiwan were also unvelied. Thus, the plans for the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel were postponed until the world economy could be more focused. Free trade agreements between the major power blocs became a major focus of international diplomacy in the 2060s, with free trade accords between the FDN and APTO, APTO and the EU, APTO and the FTAA zone, and the FTAA zone and the FDN, creating a world economy that lacked any real trade barriers.

South African scientists managed to come out with the first practical hovercraft, which would make transportation across the length and breadth of the planet's megalopoli and verdant countrysides much more cost efficient, to say the least.

he blueprints for the Einstein class space shuttle, which represented a major upgrade in the development of pulse-driven rockets, was unveiled in both Karoo and Huntsville. Plans for several new major bases on Mars were unveiled in New York for Space Habitation Council. Expeditions into the Asteroid Belt and to the Jovian Moons were also planned for the 2070s.

One scientist, Brazil's Armando de Malvo, proposed a massive Space Elevator. Construction on that mega-project has yet to get off the ground, unfortunately.

By 2064, construction finally got underway on the Australasian Bridge Project. The experimental design will take over eight years to implement between Darwin and Port Moresby.

2067 saw the NAFTA zone's oft-delayed Constitutional Convention get underway in Chicago. Based on the freedoms presented in the US Constitution (and borrowed slightly from the old African Federation Constitution), the Convention was a success. The nations of the NAFTA zone agreed to create the North American Senate, which would be based in Denver, where matters considering the internal economy and foreign policy of North America would be debated and discusssed.

In 2068, the expedition of the ESS Unity, the first of the South African-U.S.-designed pulse-driven ships made headlines around the world, as it traversed the moons of Jupiter, and surveyed the wealthy mineral deposits in the Asteroid Belt. As of this writing, the Unity is on its way back to the new International Space Station (colliquially known today as the "Mk. 2").

2069 saw the first synagogue dedicated on the Moon by Rabbi Baruch Eshkol Rubenstein. This Reform temple, Beth-Shalom, changed its first prayer service to begin with the prayer for peace; however, the history behind that first prayer service on another body in space recognizes the fact that we in Israel will always be the first ones to fight for the rights of others to live in harmony and justice among our human civilzation. I would like to think that we've done a pretty good job of accomplishing that goal so far in the long journey of our People Israel.


Professor Yakov Liebowitz
University of New Jerusalem
December 31, 2069.

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