Your Personal TNO Headcanon?

America the Beautiful and Brave:


United States under Richard Nixon with Democratic-Republican has faced obstacle challenges such as growing rupture that led to D-R split and rising social democratic faction within NPP which he had forced to overcome the challenges right before he would bring the country into a rising shining path of light in the dangerous times among adverse powers of the Imperial Japan, declining Germany, and Italy which would pose a different puzzling challenge for now-humiliated country.

During the last part of 1962, the United States has expanded its capacity by recognizing the legitimate Republic of India, putting an ire of Azad Hind government as opportunity to counter the rise of Japanese dominance to keep the burning cauldron of freedom unextinguished while sending out troops to restore order in Guyana which led to forced desegregation and reintegration of the occupied country into the hands of OFN from which the spirit of freedom is expanding while back at home, the unrest could be tense but peaceful as iconic voices like Martin Luther King Jr. makes infamous speech that brings country attention to what their voices want to change before the enemy can able to step in and threatened to extinguish the light of freedom.

In England, things not going straight as the infamous HMMLR, backed by Nixon and the OFN makes bloody revolt as Germany kept distracted over the course of Speer-led government reforms and policy of appeasement following the aftermath of assassination of Hitler, thus pushing into the brink of deadly crisis as leaders are deciding and determining the fate lies in their hands even the news of collapse of Mediterranean Pact poses a big risk for Italy's rising power coalesced into border war with Turkey.

Meanwhile in the wild steppe of Asia, the news of shattered Mongolia, only be reunified under the hands of those who have more obedient and listened to Tokyo's orders was the Mengjiang, which carved out from Inner Mongolia into reuniting the shattered nation that would generate enough to unleash alarming and worrying news to the warlords of once the giant transcontinental nation existed, Russia which means that they need to fight until their bloods went dry up and last bullets firing that should warlords reunite and prepare their potential to fight back and bring their lost glory once at all.