Your Personal TNO Headcanon?

Note:If you have gripes with this setting for being too dark or too whitewashy or whatever obscenity, don't comment

What's your personal TNO headcanon based on the best campaign you've done(or the most memorable/worthwhile), along with your speculation on how things will go in the next 10 years and the future?

I know there is an official canon, but the devs still encourage you to make your own story, with canon being something done to create a new start date, and to maybe craft an interesting narrative using it's premise.

Here's mine, do note that, what happened with Japan aside, this is one of the brighter outcomes of the mod:
  • RFK wins in the US, but his compromises alienate him from the left wing of the Party, which is purged by Jackson when he becomes president
  • The US today alternates between Republicans and the National Progressives, which has purged it's far right, Yockey, demsoc and further left wings, however they still have local and state level presence and even in the federal level in some cases
  • USSR created by a peaceful Zhukov-Libsoc!Sablin reunification
  • Germany reforms under Schmidt. War with USSR still happens but America enforces ceasefire after Moskowien, Kaukasian and Belarus are taken out(so same stuff as dev canon happens, but USSR gets more). The NSDAP still exists and Germany still has issues dealing with it's past, but it isn't to the level of Japan wrt historical whitewashing and the NSDAP hasn't governed since Speer died. The US enforces ceasefire because Jackson sees a seemingly repentant Germany as a more viable ally than a radical socialist Russia. USSR gets outer manchuria back in GAW.
  • Japan went full corporate Nazi under Kishi after Order 44, got ass kicked by China. Today Japanese look to the past very shamefully in a way mirroring OTL germany(somewhat of a reverse with Germany if you know OTL, but TTL!Germany isn't as bad as Japan).
  • Baathists took over the Middle East, but split between the left and right wings with the left wing aligning towards the SocIntern and later the Crimea pact
  • Communists won Iranian Civil War
  • Communists took power in Vietnam
  • CCF wins Canadian Elections
  • Resistance wins English Civil War and Wilson takes over. Republican gov declared. However he is forced out due to some internal strife that was later found out to be manufactured by the CIA in the wake of the rise of libsoc Russia
  • Today there is a tripolar Cold War between the USSR-led Crimea Pact(evolved from SocInTern), the OFN, and China, which has taken over the Co-Prosperity Sphere and turned it into a force for genuine good.
  • Outside of the Cold War, far-right terrorism, ultranat and neo-Burgundian terrorism and environmental issues caused by Atlantatropa are key pressing issues.
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My personal headcanon is as follows:
  • Sverdlovsk under Yeltsin reunites Russia after defeating Bunyachenko's Samara and negotiating a peaceful reunification with Yuriy Krylov's Kemerovo (after he defeated Yagoda's Irkutsk, even if fortunately for Mikhail, he had been sent home to Australia by Matkovsky) where Yeltsin would become Prime Minister of the Tsardom of Russia after the reunification of Russia with both Marshal Pavel Batov (through his control of the military) and Tsar Yuriy Krylov (as he could dismiss Yeltsin at any moment) restraining Yeltsin's worst impulses.
  • Russia's national anthem is either Patriotic Song, Slavsya, or a new national anthem using the music for the superevent announcing Kemerovo has reunited Russia.
  • RFK becomes President but is gunned down, paving the way for Glenn! to become President in '68 with the Glenn Administration being a three-term Presidency (the 22nd Amendment not being a thing ITTL combined with Glenn being relatively young) defined by President Glenn's advocacy of space exploration and technological development along with how he negotiated a peace between Germany and Russia where Moskowien and Kaukasien are handed back to Russia making him the man seen by many Americans as the greatest President of the 20th Century.
  • Currently, American politics are dominated by the divide between the Republican-Democrats (divided between "Glennite" Republicans and "Goldwaterite" Democrats) and the more down-to-earth National Progressives and while the progressive-social democrats of the C-NPP and the moderate "War Hawk" faction of the FR-NPP are the dominant forces in the NPP with tradition being C-NPP candidate has a FR-NPP running mate and vice versa, the hardline FR-NPP and the L-NPP still has some influence.
  • Speer would win the GCW and would end up being sidelined by the Gang of Four after the Reichsbanner Uprising led to a "stress-induced breakdown" (or so the official government line said), who would transition Germany back to a democracy, albeit a nationalistic one flying the Imperial Tricolor with some issues regarding its Nazi past and where the Nazi Party still wins 10-15% of votes in elections (granted, most of the votes are from pensioners and the like).
  • Japan would fall under the control of Ikeda's conservatives and the Great Asian War between Japan and China would end in a "draw" favoring China as while Manchuria would be reclaimed by China and Azad Hind annexed into the Republic of India, Japan would remain a strong power, even if the militarist regime would collapse after Ikeda's shadier dealings were revealed in the aftermath of the Great Asian War.
  • Italy would fall under the control of Scorza's regime, which, while authoritarian (as the people killed at San Marco Square can attest, even if the government insists nothing happened at San Marco Square in 1972), generally took a progressive stance on social issues regarding the youth and women and gave more opportunities for colonial subjects.
  • India saw Rajaji take over after Nehru's death and while his government has some issues regarding caste stuff, under his leadership, India would attain rapid economic growth with Mohan Singh's Azad Hind being defeated and conquered during the Great Asian War after Rajaji's death. While the Swatantra Party would be voted out in the early 1980s, replaced with an INC government, India's path to becoming an economic powerhouse has been set.
  • The collaborators win a "pyrrhic victory" in the English Civil War as United England would win the first-post civil war elections with the Liberals winning out in United England's power struggle.
  • Oil Crisis ends with Republican Egypt, Saddam's AuthDem Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the Arabian Republic, and a Levantine Kingdom forced to adopt a constitution.
  • Iberia's civil war ends with Spain under a constitutional monarchy, Portugal under reformist elements of the Estado Novo, and independent Catalonia and Basque states while Morocco defeats its enemies.
  • Iran's Civil War would end in a Qajar Restorationist (the guys led by Shapour Bakhtian) victory who establish a constitutional monarchy in the aftermath of their victory.
  • Currently, there is no "cold war" as such but more traditional great power rivalries (especially the ones between the German Reich and the Tsardom of Russia and the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan) still make the world a dangerous place to live in.
  • The Coalition of Nations Security Council initially was comprised of America, Japan, Italy, and Germany but the Tsardom of Russia and the Republic of China would be added in the 1980s.
Russia is unified by Vyatka, Shulgin conservatives are elected and ally with Roman Gul.
Bormann succesfully reforms germany to the best of his ability, but this is not enought to bring the stability as a scenario with Speer or the Go4. The country remain plagued with problems, but not at the brink of collapse.
The US elects Bennet for two mandates, and then Henry M. Jackson is elected the first NPP president in 1972.
The Italian empire reforms, the social democrats are elected.
Takagi fails in Japan, is replaced by Konoe Fumimaro that get's couped by Kishi.

Russia and Germany fight on the muscovy reclamation war, with massive effort the Russians reconquer Moscow and Wolga, but fails to advance into ukraine and are stopped dead before Tallinin because at this point Estonia is germanized and the locals resist their occupation. Bormann is couped after "losing" the war.
The following is my head-canon for The New Order: Last Days of Europe as of 1972.

-Martin Bormann wins the German Civil War.
-In the USA, the Civil Rights Act of 1962 is passed by President Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson of the R-DP (R) is President from 1965 to 1973 and Robert McNamara of the R-DP (D) becomes President in 1972.
-In the Kingdom of Italy, Democracy is restored, with Pietro Nenni of the PSI, who rules as a Social Democrat and brings Italy into the OFN, as the first democratically elected Prime Minister. The next democratically elected Prime Minister is Aldo Moro of the Liberal wing of the CD.
-West Russia is unified by the West Russian Revolutionary Front under Georgy Zhukov. West Siberia is unified by Sverdlovsk/the Ural Military District under Pavel Batov. Central Siberia is unified by Federation of Novosibirsk and Altay under Alexander Pokryshkin. The Russian Far East is unified by the Free State of Magadan under Mikhail Matkovsky. The WWRF goes to war with and annexes Sverdlovsk, while Novosibirsk goes to war with and annexes Magadan, thus becoming the Siberian Federation. The WWRF goes to war with and annexes the Siberian Federation under Pokryshkin from 1971 to 1972, thus re-unifying Russia and re-establishing the USSR.
-Admiral Sōkichi Takagi is elected Prime Minister of Japan.
-HMMLR wins the English Civil War with George Jellicoe as the first post-war Prime Minister. England goes to war with Wales and then becomes the Kingdom of England and Wales. England then goes to war with Scotland and then re-unifies the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
-In Norway, Gulbrand Lunde becomes Leder of Norway and re-aligns with the Greater German Reich.
-The Netherlands under Cornelis van Geelkerken and Denmark under Knud Børge Martinsen stay loyal to Germany. The Netherlands becomes RK Nederland and Denmark becomes an independent ally.
-Slovakia under Ján Golian is invaded by Germany, with the Slovak State then becoming a German puppet state under Alexander Mach.
-Poland peacefully surrenders to Germany and becomes an autonomous protectorate of the Greater Germanic Reich.
-Tito's Yugoslavia revolts in Croatia against Italy, and after the revolt is suppressed by Italy, Croatia and Bosnia become Italian puppet states.
-Bulgaria and Hungary align with Germany. Romania and Serbia align with Italy. A defeated French State under President Antoine Pinay also aligns with Italy.
-The Iberian Wars break out in 1969 and end in 1971 in a victory for Francoist Spain and Salazarist Portugal. The Kingdom of Morocco is victorious in Africa.
-The Republic of India elects Chakravarti Rajagopalachari and then Gulzarilal Nanda. The Azad Hind government of India elects Mohan Singh and then Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Pakistan becomes independent in 1965 and then goes to war against Afghanistan and wins the war.
-Italy wins the Second Italo-Turkish War, with the Italian Levant becoming the State of Israel under Irgun and Menachem Begin.
-South Africa cooperates with the African National Congress.
-The South African War ends in a partial victory for South Africa and the OFN, with South Africa joining the OFN and the Boer Republic as independent. Hans Huttig of RK Ostafrika then takes over the other African RKs then forming his own Greater African state, which afterwards collapses into many new nations.
-Enrico Mattei takes over the Italian Gulf, which then becomes the United Republic of the Arab Gulf.
-Kazakhstan is re-unified by Kyzlorda and then becomes the Kazak SSR, which later becomes a part of the USSR.
-The Indonesian War ends in a victory for Sukarno's government, after which Suharto coups the government and leaves the GEACPS.
-The communists under Ho Chi Mihn take power in Vietnam.
-The Algerian War is won by Spain.
-The Conservatives of John Diefenbaker win the Canadian elections.
-The Egyptian Civil War is won by Nasser and Egypt becomes the Socialist Arab Republic of Egypt.
-The Iraqi Civil War is won of the Ba'athists.
-The Arabian Republic is formed in Yemen and takes over Saudi Arabia. The Communists win their revolt in Oman. Arabia, Egypt, Oman, the URAG and Syria form the alliance of the United Arab States.
-The Iranian Civil War ends in a victory for the Republicans.
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  • Speer wins the German Civil War, and he manages to remain a fascist dictator by purging the Gang of Four and crushing the Slave Revolt. He reforms nazism to a slightly more functional ideology that still reigns terror and misery upon those under it.
  • Scorza makes the Italian Empire woke-fascist except not really.
  • Free England wins and brings back the Monarchy.
  • USA goes LBJ and the RDs slowly morph America into functionally a one-party state (like the canon timeline sorta).
  • South African War has OFN favored victory with Angola getting free as the RKs fall apart.
  • Japan reforms slightly under Takagi but still loses the Great Asian War to an ascendent China.
  • Russia is united between Zhukov in West Russia, Kaganovich in West Siberia, SBA in Central Siberia, and Sablin in Far East. Russia is essentially a true soviet democracy with one party (the Communist Party) having dozens of squabbling factions, making it ironically similar to TTL USA.
  • The world has entered into a new cold war, with the "Reformist" Fascists of Speer and Scorza having reunited under a new Axis, the reborn USSR leading the Fourth Internationale with Vietnam and India on its side, and a Forever-Liberal OFN. Both China and Japan are neutral powers, although China is leaning to the Axis while Japan is leaning to the OFN. (maybe the other way around)
What were the other areas of Russia united by before being taken over by Vyatka and how did Vyatka reunify Russia?

Samara Succesfully destroyed Tatarstan while the AB destroyed Bashkiristan. The empire puppeted and Anschlussed Berezniki and then crushed the AB on time to hold the Samaran offensive, push them back and annex them. The WRRF crushed Komi, Volodga and the poor gayny were also crushed, and the final battle was over the Vyatka river, the empire held Tukachevsky for some weeks until Tuka run out of steam, and then made two pincer attacks encircling a considerable amount of his army, then moving north and defeating the WRRF.

Tyumen unified Western Siberia.; Kemerovo unifies central siberia and yagoda unifies the far east. Through war Yagoda defeats Kemerovo and is defeated by the empire.

Finland lost the whole Karelia to the Empire, it was the moment where it became clear that the empire would protect russia interests through the world and granted the empire the needed legitimacy.
- Speer wins the GCW, and ends up purging the Go4
- USA wins the SAW and goes Wallace, who isn't impeached but fucks up enough for Goldwater to get elected in '68, who then fucks up completely and collapses the OFN mandates, then Yockey is elected
- Italy loses against Turkey, then Scorza takes power
- Serov reunifies Russia
- Japan goes Takagi who then gets couped by Kishi, who then tries to genocide China in the GAW
- Yockey-Speer-Scorza alliance backing China against Kishi, with Serov's RNSR as a wildcard
This isn't my TNO headcannon, but I'd thought I'd post my ideas on what the most blessed and cursed TNO worlds would look like. I'll post my thoughts on the post-1972 TNO world later. Anyways;

Most Blessed

-Albert Speer wins the German Civil War, and the Gang of Four come to power by 1972.
-Democratic Italy with Pietro Nenni.
-In the USA, President RFK and then John Glenn.
-West Russia being unified by SocLib Komi, West Siberia by Sverdlovsk/West Siberian Republic, Central Siberia by Shostakovich's Commonwealth of Siberia and the Russian Far East by Alexander Men's Divine Mandante of Siberia. West Russia peacefully reunifies with the WSR and the Commonwealth of Sibeira, which took over the DMS. The Free Russian Republic then invades Eastern Europe during the Slave Revolt, taking RK Moscowein, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, much of the Baltics and even Poland.
-Japan elects Admiral Takagi and then goes fully democratic.
-HMMLR wins the English Civil War.
-Norway becomes free from the German Reich under Knut Møyen.
-Netherlands becomes an independent AuthDem ally of Germany.
-Andreas Meyer Landrut wins in Ostland.
-Iberia reforms into a democracy.
-Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and France all ally with Italy.
-Brittany reforms into a democracy under Raymond Delaporte.
-Della Chiesa is able to succesfully negotiate with the Jews and Arabs and the Italian Levant is successfully partitioned.
-South Africa cooperates with the ANC, and the South African War ends in a complete victory for the OFN with American occupation zones set up in Africa.
-The Kingdom of Kaukasia collapses and Adygea, Georgia and Azerbaijan become independent.
-Kazakhstan is reunified by Pavlodar and President Sabit Mukanov, thus becoming the Republic of Kazakhstan.
-The Azad Hind government of India elects Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Pakistan elects Fatimah Jinnah.
-The Indonesian War ends in a victory for Suharto and Muhammad Hatta.
-Algeria becomes independent as the Republic of Algeria.
-The Egyptian Civil War is won by the Italians with Egypt becoming an independent Republic under Italian supervision.
-The Arabian Republic is formed in Yemen and takes over Saudi Arabia.
-The Italian Gulf becomes the United Arab Republics of the Gulf.
-The Iranian Civil War ends in a victory for the Republicans.

Most Cursed (Aside from a Nuclear War ending the world before 1972)

-Bormann wins the German Civil War (Hedrych and Georing are more cursed, but both would usher in a nuclear war before 1972).
-Italy stays Fascist under Duce Carlo Scorza.
-In the USA, Yockey becomes President.
-West Russia unified under Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire, West Siberia by Omsk, Central Siberia by the Siberian Black Army and the Russian Far East by Amur, with the Holy Russian Empire unifying all of Russia and then collapsing.
-Japan elects the NatSoc Reform Bureaucrats, then Nobusuke Kishi becomes PM and Order 44 happens.
-The English government wins the English Civil War.
-Norway returns to becoming RK Norwegen under Jonas Lie.
-The Netherlands returns to becoming RK Nederland. Denmark becomes a NatSoc German puppet.
-Jecklen wins in Ostland.
-Turkey wins the Second Italo-Turkish War.
-The Iberian Wars end in a victory for the Spanish Fundamentalists. The NatSocs win in Portugal.
-Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and France all ally with Germany.
-The Ustase take power in Croatia, but then are then defeated by Italy.
-Brittany becomes NatSoc under Célestin Lainé.
-Ireland becomes fascist under Oliver J. Flanagan.
-Lehi takes over the Levant and become NatSoc Isreal.
-The South African War ends in a total victory for the Afrika Schild, with the Boer Republic taking over all of South Africa and the Afrikan RKs forming into one big Afrikan state.
-The Kazakh NatSocs in Aktau unify Kazahkstan.
-Savitri Devi takes over India.
-Bal Thackeray takes over the Azad Hind government.
-The Yunnan Clique under Long Yun almost takes over China, only to be defeated by the Empire of Japan and the GEACPS.
-WWIII breaks out in 1972.
-The SS Order State of Burgundy manages to usher in the Nuclear Apocalypse by the end of 1972.
The reason the bunker Aryans are so nice to everyone is because some Burgundian idiot made a typo in the instructions pamphlet that redefined Aryan (or their depictions of non Aryans was so over the top that the bunker Aryans didn't see anyone non Aryans who comported to the textbook definitions and decided that everyone else must be Aryan).
Speer takes control of Germany and goes his fascist route. America goes Wallace->LeMay->Goldwater->Yockey. Japan goes Kishi and wins the GAW. Russia is Taboritsky.

Okay just kidding. Real head canon:

USA: Bennet->MCS two terms
Germany: Bormann
Japan: Goes Takeda and then Kishi before losing GAW
South Africa: Survives
Russia: Yagoda forming SocIntern
Mid East: State of Israel exists and Ba’athists are split East and west
Italy: goes Democratic but back to Scorza
UK: Collaborators win but Margaret Thatcher joins OFN
Speer wins GCW. Schmidt does not openly defy him but does accept to various requests of the rebels. The Nuremberg laws are repealed while democracy does not come to Germany.
RFK becomes a successful POTUS of 2 terms. Very few people know about his dealings with the FBI. He gets most of his various legislations and reforms passed thanks to smart political maneuvering.
The NPP becomes a social democratic party that can compete on the national level with the RD, while the R-D is the conservative party (but there is a small wing of liberal democracy).
Middle east: The Governorate achieves the impossible and creates peace between all of the various nations it has dissolved into (Israel, Palestine, etc...)
Italy: goes democratic and joins OFN
Japan: order 44 happens, with all the horror it means.
UK: HMMLR wins the civil war, & later the NDL wins the elections. They join the OFN.
Russia: Samara unite Russia under a ''managed democracy''.
No WW3 and nuclear holocaust despite numerous close calls (like shrimp boat, etc...)
Burgundy: collapses when Himmler finally dies.
- Russia: The USSR is restored thanks to the efforts of Valery Sablin and Svetlana Bukharina. Reclaimed eastern territories from Germany and Vladivostok from Japan. One of four new superpowers emerging.
- Germany: Bormann wins the Civil War, but everything ends up going back to shit once he dies in 1974. Gets even worse after they lose to the Soviet Union and lose their eastern lands.
- Ostland: Kovner managed to win, and reduced all of the former colony into an uninhabitable wasteland before Germany was able to intervene. The Soviets have set up a reconstruction authority to try to undo the damage, but it is believed that it will take several decades before progress begins to show.
- USA: Wallace -> LeMay -> Goldwater -> Yockey. America is fucked, to put it lightly.
-Italy: Scorza took power, went reformist, and founded the Mediterranean Bloc. Survived the Oil Crisis, and now stands as one of the four new superpowers in the emerging new order. (I know the devs said that Italy can't become a superpower, this is just a bit of creative liberty that I took)
- Iran: The Revolutionary Front crushed the late Shah's loyalists, and after it collapsed, the socialists managed to win. Russia's biggest ally in the Middle East.
- Balkans: Completely dominated by the Mediterranean Bloc.
- India: Indian Civil War happened, the communists won, and the Raoists managed to take power. Crushed the Azad Hind during the GAW, and now stands as a potential rival to China's dominance in Asia and the Soviet Union's hold on the Socialist International. One of the four emerging superpowers.
- Middle East: Despite American and German support, the Baathists were crushed, and Italy's hold over the Middle East has now been strengthened and solidified. However, this may not last, thanks to the rise of the Soviet Union
- China: Won the GAW, now stands as the dominant power in Asia. One of the four emerging superpowers.
- Japan: Order 44 happened, lost the GAW, and now the future looks completely bleak for the Fallen Sun.
- England: HMMLR won. SLP took power, and the Commonwealth of England was established. Russia's main ally in Europe.
- Indonesia: After a grueling 4-year war, Free Indonesia finally emerged victorious. Later took part in the GAW and is currently an ally of China.
- South Africa: Cracked down on the ANC, which ended up prolonging the South African War for an additional two years. SAW ended in a total OFN victory after 5 years of conflict, but the OFN Mandates would keep the USA in the continent for a much longer time and lead to greater unrest than before.
- Kazakhstan: Unified by the Communists, and absorbed into the new USSR.

Please note that all of this will likely change when more content is added to TNO.
  • Nixon vetoes the 1962 CRA, prompting the NPP SocDem drift, but actually knocks foreign policy out of the park. Guyana is won easily, Norway is freed via coup, and the Resistance succeeds in England. After resignation, Kennedy helps South Africa effectively hold the line, while McCormick isn't tone-deaf enough (or actively sabotaged by mysterious extra-universal pro-NPP forces) to defend Nixon.
    • 1964: As such, R-D are just popular enough to secure an victory for LBJ, who goes on to pull off a bipartisan Great Society and civil rights that render Nixon's refusal irrelevant.
      • 1968: All the way with LBJ in 1968 maximizes the hunger for reforms [1], while additional State Department endeavors abroad go swimmingly as Wilson's UK joins the OFN, the LA/SF Treaty ports and Hawaii are returned, and civil war Speer is funded enough to make Bormann's victory in Germany costly.
  • The emergent domestic political dynamic is a much more bipartisan system where the Center-dominant NPP drives demands for continual socioeconomic reforms and retain cooperation with Liberal R-D, while the LibDem GOP-led R-D party prides itself on successful interventionism abroad and draws in interest from like-minded members of the FR-NPP (i.e. Jean "It's authoritarianism not totalitarianism... if they're on our side" Kirkpatrick).
    • 1972: McGovern drops the ball during the campaign, appearing too weak on national security for the R-D/FR-NPP vote and too limited in reforms for the C-NPP/R-D vote, allowing Henry "Scoop" Jackson to sweep the election on promises of transformative change and intensified opposition to totalitarianism.
    • John Glenn didn't reach the presidency, but does manage to negotiate increasing NASA funding every time someone needs his vote in the Senate. Mars by 2000?
  • Extremists:
    • NPP-L: "Tomsk took in refugees from Buryatia? That's revisionist! Wait, they avenged Yagoda and defeated Amur, what revolutionaries! Wait, they're Humanists? That's revisionist! Wait-"
    • NPP-Y: Yockey's infamous diatribe rejecting Rodzayevsky's endorsement made it's way to the press and formed the core of anti-Yockey proto-memes for years to come. "He's definitely wearing lederhosen".
  • Rodzayevsky wins in the far east, inadvertently driving enough refugees westward to allow a LibDem Tomsk to succeed in Central Siberia and then turn around and conquer him back. Under the surface, refugees and the newly-liberated citizens of Irkutsk, Kansk, and Ulan-Ude shift Tomsk/Siberia's internal politics leftward.
    • 1968: The ideological drift is sufficient for Shostakovitch to win elections and declare the Commonwealth , made more popular by peaceful reunification with Sverdelovsk-led West Siberia. American recognition (and therefore business and financial support) naturally follows.
    • 1971: The Commonwealth pushes into West Russia, where Zhukov and Komi never got around to fighting each other due to a stagnant war with Samara in the south. The collaborationists are defeated and negotiations bring West Russia into the Commonwealth. Weinberg and Yakovlev prepare to face off in nationwide elections, although the sheer magnitude of reconstruction is a daunting task for whoever wins.
  • The Humanists are heroified in the lionizing narrativization of their reunification campaign, generating both domestic popularity and much fame even beyond Russia. Worshipful progressives worldwide just won't stop playing Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz 2, it's honestly out of hand.
  • The Douglas-Home government really fumbles the pre-civil war propaganda campaign by completely sidelining Macmillan, losing far more provinces in the Midlands and South to the Resistance. George Jellicoe wins the post-victory elections and negotiates reunification with ILP-Scotland and Unionist Wales but loses the next election to the SLP.
    • Powell made headway with voters in the first election but made some ill-advised comments during A.K. Chesterton's trial that were eventually received poorly by voters and ultimately cost the NDL some key constituencies in the long term. He remained a loud voice throughout Harold Wilson's administration.
    • TNO Margaret Thatcher advocates against big government but wishes she could go even further.
  • Bormann wins, barely crossing the finish line to beat a fanatical Heydrich, suspiciously well-funded Speer, and Goering calling in airstrikes on everything at the end. The state continues to decay but Bormann's reaction remains ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Continued internal power struggles certainly don't help things and calls for change inevitably will return, so Germany is doomed to watch as the world leaves it behind.
  • The Yasuda crisis crashes the economy, huge investment into a Russian puppet is wasted when Tomsk crushes Amur, and President Johnson's acerbic negotiation style produces a deal for the ports and Hawaii that is seen as U.S.-favoring and too weak. The subsequent malaise-esqe atmosphere serves as fertile ground for the Great Conspiracy, so Order 44 goes through.
    • However, the subsequent "National Defense State" is fundamentally over-centralized. Nationalized Zaibatsu suffer economic and logistical inefficiencies, the purged Navy weakens the power-projection capabilities of the military to the point of de-facto self sabotage in Indonesia and Vietnam, and the suppression of officer initiative results in a disastrous Great Asian War that China wins handily.
    • The Japanese public is not happy, to say the least, so political opposition is growing throughout the government, and even the Emperor is actively reaching out to the remnants of the Navy to see if a new Restoration is perhaps in the works. A power struggle, revolution, and/or coup (maybe several) appears imminent.
Middle East:
  • Italy wins the war with Turkey, but relies heavily on local support for intelligence, supplies, and fighters. As such, the regime is deeply beholden to regional actors during the withdrawal, providing Arafat and Rabin all the leverage they need to pull off a successful conference.
  • Elsewhere, Italian foreign policy to very dichotomic. The Great Game goes extraordinarily against a much weaker Germany (securing Romania, Bulgaria, you name it ) but this also means Italy looks strong and doesn't feel pressured enough to join the OFN or seek Japanese aid. However, efforts in North Africa and the Gulf fail and both areas fall to revolutions. Nasser's win in particular bodes poorly for long-term Italian regional authority.
  • Afrika-Schild's invasion really burned itself out by exhausting its limited armaments, failing to coordinate effectively with Boer rebels, and launching an ill-advised naval invasion that barely makes landfall before getting encircled. An OFN-leaning ceasefire makes the Johnson administration look genius [2], while South Africa must contend with the promises it made to the ANC to win their cooperation and the new territories it needs to govern. All the Reichkommisariats in Africa collapse, as usual.
  • In Madagascar, the Militarstaat and Maurice see each other as the biggest threat, weakening them both and allowing the Sihanaka, Merina, Betsileo, and Jewish alliance to pull off a successful defense and surprise victory. The "Bar-Lev Line" is lauded as a genius military tactic that could never possibly have failed and is studied by armchair tacticians who inadvertently sabotage academic thought on elastic defense for a generation. OFN aid helps tackle the ongoing epidemic health crisis and a pluralistic government tentatively explores its options. Foreign volunteer fighters from Madagascar become a commonality in anti-German proxy conflicts.
Australia, India, and South America:
  • No Focus Tree? I guess you don't exist then. Smh, nothing ever happens in alternate history South America. [3]
  • How did so much go right for this headcanon, you ask? Himmler is... wait for it... a delusional maniacal moron whose cognitive dissonance hardly contributes to the soundness of his decision-making.
    • Fall Ragnachar: Funding and arming Heydrich was a massive waste as arms often fell into the hands of Speerites and occasionally Bormann or Goering's supporters throughout the war. The investment was made worse by Heydrich's decision to rely on Burgundian-SS troops, torpedoing his already slim manpower and turning the to-be victor Bormann decidedly against the SS and Burgandy. Gamers fall down.
    • Globalplan Kondor: Oops, the democratic Spainish Republic won the civil war and the Gibralter Dam was actually completed to functionality.
    • Globalplan Bar: Propping up Vyatka seemed to go well at first but internal discord limited the effectiveness of Burgundian backing. Instead, Vyatka got into a sort of drunk brawl with Komi and Vologda at the same time that ended as you'd expect. Samara also annihilated the simps in Perm"heym" (although maybe they liked being crushed by pro-German Russians, who knows eww gross) while Komi's bizzaro right collapsed into both inevitable infighting and staring down Komi's left while the center gleefully kept hold. Nikolai Voznesensky looks to Tomsk while Svetlana Stalina happily sketches horseshoes.
    • Globalplan Wolf: "Hey, remember that plan to engulf the Levant in chaos and violence? Well, we helped trigger an intra-Triumverate war, but Italy just kinda went along with the withdrawal and the Jews, Palestinians, Hashemites, and Lebanese sort of made the most of odd circumstances. IDK, blame Judeo-Bolshevism or whatever."
    • Globalplan Elefant: "Stupid Huttig and his stupid naval invasions, fml"
    • Globalplan Puma: Turns out it's hard to mobilize hate groups when the economy's improving, extremists publicly embarrass themselves regularly, and democracy looks downright stable compared to NatSoc/Fascism.
    • Globalplan Adler: "Aaaaaaahhhhhh Bormann's purging us Aaaaaahhhh"
  • Burgandy bankrupts itself a thousand times over for useless mega-Hoxha bunkers and nukes it'll never use. The only economist who recognizes the signs and is brave/stupid enough to speak up gets executed. Running out of money infuriates the now under-bribed local SS divisions, who revolt with increasing consistency, and the French Resistance grows by the as OFN France awaits eagerly. The state will collapse when Himmler dies and a seemingly endless array of history and "history" documentaries chronicle truly the (second?) most crazy person of the 20th century.

[1]: Possibly an example of a Tocqueville Paradox, as showcasing the sheer capacity for reform in the TNO USA might generate a self-sustaining demand for further changes.
[2]: Inadvertently, this precludes the OTL War Powers Act as Presidential interventionism looks justifiable, viable, and too popular to ban.
[3]: I'm honestly looking forward to South America, India, and Oceania content.
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I was originally going to post this over on the main TNO thread, until I realized that someone else have already created a thread discussing this very same topic, so I am posting this here instead….

Anyway, after having played a dozen games of TNO, here is my personal headcanon:

Russia (Regional stage):
  • West Russia: Unified by Vyatka, with Tsar Vladimir taking the ‘People’s Tsar’ route and in general trying to be the most benevolent enlightened monarchy he can be, with Roman Gul and his Constitutional Democrats set to win the election…. Until under covert Burgundy influence, Solzhenitsyn and his Solidarists faction won instead. With the Sovereignty of Western Russia being an Authoritarian Democracy.
  • Southern Urals: Orenburg is under the rule of Burba and the Authoritarian Democrats, Dirlewanger and Lysenko were defeated
  • Western Siberia: Tyumen was defeated by Omsk, who proceeded to march on Sverdlovsk, only to get pushed back by the Ural Military District. With Yeltsin forming the West Siberian Republic.
  • Central Siberia: The PRC managed to beat back Mengjiang, while over in Tomsk, Sakharov and his Modernist salon came to prominence, proceeding to unite the region and reestablishing the Central Siberian Republic.
  • Russian Far East: Reunified under Buryatia, with Sablin staying true to his ideals as a libertarian socialist, Mikhail gets ‘exiled’ back to Australia. Despite their Far Eastern Soviet Republic sticking to Sablin’s ideals, however, they do take the Bukharinist diplomatic option by establishing ties with OFN and the United States.
  • Kazakhstan: Againstall odds, the liberals of Pavlodar triumped against all their foes, transforming their Central Asian country into a republic.

Russia (Super-regional/National unification stage):
  • Western Russia:The February Revolution 2.0. Sovereignty of Western Russiavs. West Siberian Republic. With Yeltsin and his republicans victorious against Solzhenitsyn and Tsar Vladimir’s monarchist, forming the Russian Federative Republic.
  • Eastern Russia:The clash of the idealists. Central Siberian Republic vs. Far Eastern Soviet Republic. With each side absolutely convinced that they are in the right, and in the path towards not just rebuilding a stronger Russia, but also a better world… In the end, the once seemingly weak capitalist liberal democracytriumphed. The flame of the communist revolution in Russia is snuffed out for good.
  • Final unifier:Peaceful diplomatic unification between the two liberal republics, with Tomsk taking the lead, also though means of diplomatic pressure, incorporated the Southern Urals and puppeting Kazakhstan. The Republic of Russia is formed.

  • Hitler appoints Speer as his successor. Who managed to win the Civil War after a year and a half and fighting, during which his reformist faction managed to get the maximum amount of international support from everyone (The US, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Iberia, etc).
  • Speer follows Erhard’s economic policies fully, but when it came to civil reforms, he stuck with the conservative options (Taking the ‘Separate But Equal’ on the matter of minorities, and the ‘Under the Boot’ option for reforming the Reichskommissariats).
  • Schmidt visits the United States, and the historical ‘Shedding a tear at the Lincoln Memorial’ moment happened.
  • During the first slave riot at the Kruppstrasse in Frankfurt, Speer authorized Schmidt to negotiate with the slaves in exchange for freeing the hostages.
  • In the aftermath of the slave revolt, we get the independent fascist Speer ending, with the Gang of Four getting purged, and Führer Speer coming out on top. The Thousand Year Reich is seemingly at its strongest under Speer's reformist National Socialism.... At least for now.

  • Meyer-Landrut and his liberals were tragically destroyed by Kovner and his UPO.
  • Stahlecker and his conservatives won the Ostland Civil War in the end. Later peacefully reincorporate with Speer’s Germany after two rounds of negotiations (Stahlecker’s entire administration gets put under investigation, but he himself was given immunity). Which ended up bolstering the conservative faction in Germany.

  • Managed to break free and joins OFN before the end of the German Civil War, preventing the Reich from being able to do anything about it.

  • HMMLR emerged victorious in the English Civil War, the right-wing National Democratic League wins the first two elections, firmly restoring England as a capitalist constitutional monarchy…. Also, during the NDL’s second term homosexuality gets decriminalized.
  • In Wales, John Morris’ Unionist got elected… But were overthrown by Cayo-Evans and his Free Wales Army. Eventually England invades, putting an end to Walsh independence.
  • Scotland peacefully reunifies with England, with the former getting the Scottish Council and being allowed to retain their own militia.

  • There will be no Iberian War.
  • In the aftermath of the Triumvirate’s collapse, Iberia reached out internationally for new partners by having the two Caudillos go on a world tour of diplomatic visits.
  • The Algerian War was averted, with Iberia and Italy coming to a compromised diplomatic solution, with the formation of the Algerian Mandate
  • In general, Iberia will be taking the most liberal options available in their domestic affairs (Empowering the Iberian Council listening to the Opus Dei to enact free market reforms, etc)… The sole exception being the issue to minorities, with Franco and Salazar absolutely refusing to compromise due to fear of regional separatism.
  • The Gibraltar Dam does get completed before the death of Salazar. Similarly, all four separatist terrorist groups were crushed by the AAS, despite the Burgandy’s attempts at sabotaging the former while covertly supplying the latter
  • When it came to publishing his book, Salazar actually managed to write a best seller that was genuinely good and inspirational, instead of a boring political manifesto.
  • After Salazar dies, he was replaced with the moderate reformer Marcelo Caetano, and Iberia started the process of democratization as the Iberian Federation.
  • In the first Iberian election, Manuel Fraga and his social conservative CSD won. But the Oil Crisis hits, badly affecting the new president’s popularity despite all of this not really being his fault… Setting the stage for the market liberals of the PRD to win when it comes time for the next election.

  • Scorza managed to outmaneuver Ciano during the Verona Conference, preserving Fascism in Italy. With the latter getting exiled.
  • On domestic civil affairs, Scorza will always take the reformist paths, by listening to the youth, allowing for Fascist feminism, separating the church and state, etc.
  • On economic affairs, Italy will take the ‘Reinforcing Autarky’ path.

The Great Game:
  • German gets control of: Hungary, Romania
  • The Italian gets control of: Bulgaria, Serbia, the French State

United Sates:
  • Nixon passes the Civil Rights Act, the R-D proceeds to win every subsequent election, with LBJ getting two terms, followed by McGovern.

The South African War:
  • Prime Minister Graaff’s decides to legalize and cooperate with the ANC.
  • Schenck turns against the rest of the Afrika-Schild, and tries to give Angola its independence, ending about as well as you would expect, but critically weakening the German RKs in the middle of the war.
  • The SAW ends with the pro-OFN ceasefire.

  • The first 3 of the Five Modernizations went in the order of Industries > Education > Technology
  • Long Yun’s uprising happened, but President Gao’s troops managed to stop him largely on their own without Japan’s direct involvement.
  • During the Oil Crisis, China goes with the Synthetic Oil path instead of building new offshore oil rigs.

  • Japan signs the Nagasaki Accords, Vietnam gains its independenceas a socialist republic, with Ho Chi Mihn serving a few years as its first president before his death.

  • Takagi became PM, putting his Liberal faction in power.
  • In economic matter, Takagi prioritized industrial development and sides with the Keiretsu. Overall, Japan under his rule will be a slowly liberalizing country that is showing signs of becoming a better place for everyone.
  • … Then the Dai Li Conspiracy happened, and Order 44 ensued. Sweeping Kishi Nobusuke, the Devil of Showa himself, into power. Setting the stage for the Great Asian War.

The Iranian Civil War:
  • With massive German aid, the late Shah's loyalists retain control of Iran. Continuing to give the Reich a valuable source of oil.

The Middle East:
  • Starting from Yemen and evenually overthrowing Saudi Arabia, the The Arabian Republic was formed.
  • Italy wins the Second Italo-Turkish War. Afterwards Irgun takes over the Levant, proclaiming the State of Israel under an AuthDem government
  • Sadam's July 14th Movement wins in Iraq
  • The United Arab Emirates was formed from the former Italian Governorate of the Gulf

The Indonesian War:
  • Sukarno wins the Civil War... Only to get quickly overthrown in a coup by Suharto.
  • Indonesia leaves the Co-Prosperity Sphere

  • There is no Indian Civil War. The country (Sort of) peacefully gets separated with Pakistan, and remains a democratic stronghold in Asia.
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  • USSR created by a peaceful Zhukov-Libsoc!Sablin reunification

In your headcanon, which one of them holds the dominate position in the reformed USSR? Zhukov or Sablin?

Pretend Atlantropa isn't a thing

My own options on TNO's overall serious tone as a work of AH getting harmed by the inclusion of Atlantropa into the setting aside.... I think that by 'headcanon', we were referring to 'Our personal TL on the way that things turned out in the TNO world', instead of 'Things that we would like to change in the TNO setting'.


Most Blessed
-Albert Speer wins the German Civil War, and the Gang of Four come to power by 1972.
-Japan elects Admiral Takagi and then goes fully democratic.
-West Russia being unified by SocLib Komi, West Siberia by Sverdlovsk/West Siberian Republic, Central Siberia by Shostakovich's Commonwealth of Siberia and the Russian Far East by Alexander Men's Divine Mandante of Siberia. West Russia peacefully reunifies with the WSR and the Commonwealth of Sibeira, which took over the DMS. The Free Russian Republic then invades Eastern Europe during the Slave Revolt, taking RK Moscowein, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, much of the Baltics and even Poland.

Here is the problem: With both the Great Asian War and the Second West Russian War being inevitable, when it comes to finding a 'most blessed' outcome, a democratising Germany/Japan will be mutually exclusive with a blessed Russia reclaiming the core of their country/A free and independent China. If anything, having a reformer/liberal in charge while Germany/Japan suffered from a major militaty defeat will ensure that it will utterly discredit their efforts in the eyes of the nation, allowing the hardliners to take back control. On the other hand, even if they will be significantly better compared to if the hardliners are in charge, a victory under a GO4 Germany or a democratic Japan will still utterly screw the Russians/Chinese over.

So, when it comes to trying to find a 'Most blessed' ending, I think you will have to pick one side, and stick with them to the end, while abandoning the other....
The world remains a 3 way cold war,but the Japanese and Germans begin to liberalize with McGovern starting to normalize relations.

Russia (Regional stage):
  • West Russia: Zhukov defects NazBol Komi and the collaborators while tip toeing the party line.
  • Southern Urals: Lysenko won and got picked up by Kaganovich.
  • Western Siberia: Tyumen unifies under a -800% pop growth Kaganovich.
  • Central Siberia: The PRC unifies the region after being kicked out of mongolia.
  • Russian Far East: Irkutsk crushes Sablin and unifies the far east quiqly.
  • Kazakhstan: New Poland triumphs and shatters Kazakhstan.
Russia (Super-regional/National unification stage):
  • Western Russia: Zhukov convinces Kaganovich to unifie(Zhukov really needs the industry)
  • Eastern Russia: Irkutsk under the leadership of Putinist Yagoda absorb the revolutionary council.
  • Final unifier: Peaceful but not diplomatic unification,Zhukov convinces Yagoda to give him the reins of power until after the second West Russian war is done.
  • The second West Russian war:The Russian get to Moscow but they get pushed back by the new German military government,leading to a similar collapse to that of the first West Russian War.
  • Aftermach:Kaganovich coup Zhukov and starts a civil war with Yagodas and Bukarinas parts of the party leading to total collapse.
  • Hitler appoints Heydrich as his successor leading to the civil war wich after 8 months ends with a Borman victory.
  • Borman goes against the militarists and pursues limited reforms.
  • Bormans Großraum Kontinentaleuropa economic project is fairly successful.
  • Bormans cancer makes him, start looking for a successor while slowly becoming more and more paranoid of the party.
  • His successor get coup by the army which aligns with the reformists after Borman starts seeing shadows everywhere.
  • Friedrich Jeckeln wins the civil war and gets crushed by Borman.
  • Terboven fleas Norway during the civil war,but Borman gets them back in the pact with some autonomy.
  • The collaborationists win and elect Thatcher which chooses to brake with Germany and go with the OFN.
  • In Wales, John Morris’ Unionist got elected… But were overthrown by Cayo-Evans and his Free Wales Army. Eventually England invades, putting an end to Walsh independence.
  • Scotland gets invaded by England.
  • Ireland gets invaded after she gives an ultimatum,after 2 months the US intervenes and the UK leaves the OFN with the otl borders in Ireland and the end of the Iron Lady's game.
  • The Iberian wars don't happen,but the divorce does leading to Spain and Portugal doing similar to otl.
  • The dam is abandoned after years of increasing costs.
  • Ciano restores democracy and banishes Scorza while taking the force path inicialy
  • The bloc nationale wins and attempts to reinstate fascism.
  • Piano Solo happens and Italy becomes the land of paradoxes.
  • They win all but the French during the great game.
United Sates:
  • Nixon passes the Civil Rights Act and his legacy is saved by the quiq victory in south Africa, the R-D proceeds to win every subsequent election, with Bennet getting two terms, followed by McGovern.
The South African War:
  • Prime Minister Graaff’s decides to legalize and cooperate with the ANC.
  • The SAW ends with the neutral ceasefire before christmas.
  • The first 3 of the Five Modernizations went in the order of Education >Industries > Technology
  • Long Yun’s uprising happened and he got far enough for Japan to intervene.
  • During the Oil Crisis, China goes with new offshore oil rigs as the Japanofile faction is entrenching itself.
  • Takagi became PM, putting his Liberal faction in power after the conservatives faile.
  • In economic matter, Takagi prioritized industrial development and sides with the Zaibatsu.
  • Japan under his rule will liberalize and try to steer the Co-prosperity sphere to better pastures,being lenient when the GAW ends in Japanese victory because of Yun war.
The Middle East:
  • Starting from Yemen and eventually overthrowing Saudi Arabia, the The Arabian Republic was formed.
  • Irgun takes over the Levant, proclaiming the State of Israel under an AuthDem government
  • Saddam's July 14th Movement wins in Iraq
  • The United Arab republic is formed from Egypt to the gulf and it slowly begins to crack as the German influence starts causing problems between Egypt and Arabia.
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In my headcanon the world remains a three cold war but with a different take than what i've seen so far.

So far

*Hitler appoints Bormann as his successor, but instead Hitler is succeeded by Speer after a 3 year long German Civil War that went anarchy. During the war 7 nuclear weapons were detonated in Germany, on Dresden, Hamburg. Nuremburg, Munich, Danzig, Cologne and Germania.

*Speer goes through the reforms and re-establishes control over the Unity Pakt.

United States
*Elects Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 election who serves for two terms, successfully passing the civil rights act and putting his Great Society project into practice and implemented.

*Unfortunately due to both the failures in Indonesia and South Africa (both of which were OFN losses) Johnson is succeeded by Francis Parker Yockey in 1972 riding off of Anti-Japanese sentiment against a Japan that had a few years prior succeeded the US in terms of GDP.

*Yockey would proceed to undo all the work Johnson did erasing his legacy. He would gradually turn himself into a dictator, taking away the citizenship and rights of non-white Americans, subsequently leading to large scale riots and protests where protestors under Yockeys command are wantonly gunned down by the military, leading to the National Mall massacre (which would be our otl's equivalent of Tiananmen square.)

*Yockey along with his vice president gets assassinated soon afterwards by his own secret service as his entire secret service team guns them him down simultaneously in a pre-planned pact, leading to a further freefall of the United States that would take years to recovery.

Currently I am not sure who would succeed Yockey after this.

*Takagi becomes PM, his liberal faction enjoys a overwhelming majority in the Imperial Diet putting all of his reforms and plans into action.

*Intervenes in China after Long Yun's National Protection Army completely overruns China in 1965 and reaches the borders of Manchuria. Japan completely overwhelms the NPA and enjoys an overwhelming victory, the aftermath of which it was decided to have a more direct command over China along with regionally splitting the nation up and creating new nations instead.

*Takagi pushes for both development and innovation rebuilding Japan and creating an academic golden age which triggers an economic miracle similar to that of OTL.

I think that will be it for the moment i'll be adding more later.
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