Your favorite AH games

Which videogames in an AH setting, be it realistic or ASB, are your favorite? Mine would go to all the Red Alert games, naturally, Resistance, Crimson Skies, and Fallout.
Lords of the Realm 2
Sid Meier's Gettysburg
Civilization 3
C&C Red Alert (the original)
Edward Grabowski's The Blue and the Gray
Sid Meier's Pirates

(Note: I tend to like the older games more than the newer, flashier ones).
I don't know if it qualifies as a AH game, but I love Modern Warfare 2.



Freedom Fighters! Best AH game ever. You are in New York and the Soviet Union invades in full force.
Crimson Skies. Oh, Crimson Skies.

It's an arcade flight game where you fly around in an Art Deco balkanized America and blow up Zeppelins! The premise itself should be enough to sell the game.


Argh! How could I not mention that in the OP! The flag-waving was almost Red Dawn-level naseuating, but still a damn good game! :eek:
Like literally, wasn't there 'raise a flag and win' kind of game play?

Anyways, the sandbox is my new favourite...:p
Victoria, and the idea of Paradox games in general. Hmm.

I think above all; Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Best game ever made. Period.
Well, there is always Red Alert. The first one; RA2 is... a good game, and the story is fun and all, but its AHness is detracted from by the deliberate unseriousness.
RA3, of course, is neither a good game, nor does it have good story, nor does the AH elements that exist work as well as they did for RA (heck, the AH in RA3 seem more like an excuse for yet more stupidity than anything else), and of course, it takes the silliness to levels that just make it unfunny and near-racist at times (to not say anything of the sexism).
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Argh! How could I not mention that in the OP! The flag-waving was almost Red Dawn-level naseuating, but still a damn good game! :eek:
True but it had a decent story. The Soviet TV reports were good, and the characters were not simple cut and dry evil. The Soviet General was a cool guy with a nice back story. That KGB guy worked with you once the invasion began. Plus how often do you get to blow up a Hind?
Bioshock(Gotta love the plasmids!)
Fallout 3(There is nothing more fun than blasting a Super Mutant in the face with a Hunting Rifle.)
Paradox Games(Always nice to colonize the Northwest as Austria-Hungary.)
Resistance Series(Suddenly, I miss the Nazis.)

I think that's it. Wait, does Uncharted count as AH?
I like the Total War series of games. I like the various alternate histories and maps you can create in those games. If only Hungary was as strong OTL as in my campaign... :(
I'll agree with you on the Total War games. I wish reality had been as much of a Wales-wank as I created in the MDVL II Expansion.
Enigma: Rising Tide.

Sure, the premise (1937, where the Germans won WW1, unified Europe including Britain under their empire, and forced the Royal Navy led by Beattie and Churchill into exile) would be picked to pieces here, but it had such beautiful attention to detail. The game is also am,azingly fun - it's sort of an FPS-with warships and subs. There are six campaigns - above and underwater campaigns as either ze Germans, the Americans (who have invaded Singapore and Ireland) or the Royal/Japanese Navy. 11 missions in each of subterfuge, commerce-raiding, motor-torpedo boat skirmishes (hair-raising, to say the least) and at the end... War on a titanic scale after The Mighty Hood comes out of hiding to throw down the gauntlet and give Reichmarschall Ricthoffen a bloody nose!

And then the US Navy Pearl Harbours the German fleet at Scapa Flow.

There's a huge 'To be continued...' as Richthoffen orders the Bismarck and Tirpitz to be beuilt as Aircraft Carriers... :eek:
Fallout series
Red Alert 1 and 2 (both very good games)
The Tiberium universe (qualifies as AH)
Total War series (My Juilii empire streches to Finland)
Civilisation series
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Lords of the Realm 2
ah, yes, I like this one too, especially with the expansion pack added on, and all the extra maps. It's amusing as hell to have medieval kingdoms fighting and conquering in the modern map of the USA... :)

but Red Alert 2 remains my favorite game of all time, especially with the Yuri add on...