X4 Color Scheme

Southern US
X4 Southern US.png
Still around and still working on the X4. I've been absent as I have been working on a new map: the 10K7, a Kavrayskiy VII projection that is 10,000 pixels along the equator. Working on the X4 and this monster map in tandem, so future updates to the X4 will come out as they are relevant to the progress of the 10K7.
How are you doing?
I'm not sure, actually. With the DCS being released, I'm trying to figure out how much of that I should be incorporating. I did a little experimentation to see what a mesh of the X2/3, SUCK and DCS would look like, which isn't actually that far from the mark, as the X2/3 itself is an amalgamation of TACOS, GCS, ARCS, RCS, MCS, ANUCS, CCS, TCS, and UCS. Probably will throw in TOASTER as well, just to round out the experiment, but until than here's a sample of what I mean:

Scandinavia TEST.png
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