ww1: Options of a Neutral Britain; Japan attacks Attacks the entente

^ (map of the war during the crisis in question)

Question is basically, given the british obligation to join Japan if at war with 2 powers, what are britain's options and what are the their pros and cons?

Thanks again for your input

A brief timeline of events so far:


TR elected president of US


TR’s diplomatic intervention in Ireland


June -

Archduke assassinated

Home Rule Crisis in Ireland

Jully -

Attlee Government Collapses and elections called

Austria declares war on serbia

Germany sends Russia Ultimatum

August -

Germany declares on Russia

Germany declares on France

Germany declares on Belgium

Austria declares on Russia

Italy declares on France

Montenegro declares war on Austria

Montenegro declares war on Germany

United States Declare on Germany

Ottomans Close the Dardanelles

Serbia Declares War on Germany

France Declares War on Austria

United States Declares War on Austria

United States Declares War on Italy

Italy declares War on Russia

September -

British Elections Held

Britain remains neutral


Ottomans Declared on Russia

Rest of the Entente Declare war on Ottomans

Bulgaria Declares War on Serbia

Rest of the Entente Declare war on Bulgaria


War for Ireland's Independence Begins


Russian Empire Collapses

Greece declares war on central powers

Peace talks begin with russian bolshevik government

Japanese intervention in the far East

Japanese invasion of manchuria

Second Russo Japanese War


Russo-German Peace talks collapse

Russia Rejoins the War

United States and France Demand withdrawal of all japanese forces form Russia

United States and France Declare war of Japan

Japan calls on British Alliance

^ ( again map of the war during the crisis in question)
Hold it. In one breath you say TR wins the 1912 presidential election (not that far-fetched given one of several entirely plausible PODs); in the next, you say TR intervenes diplomatically in Ireland. Not going to buy that hand-wave without a LOT of explaining. First, Britain was arguably at its zenith of power at the time, and definitely wouldn't stand still for another power trying to intervene in what was, after all, a domestic crisis--even if that other power happened to be the cousins across the pond, and even if TR was held in as high esteem as he was in the circles of power in London. But to compound matters, in the next breath after that, you posit a home rule crisis just a year after that mind-boggling diplomatic intervention.

To borrow a phrase from Col. Sherman T. Potter (M*A*S*H 4077), "what in the name of sweet Fanny Adams is going on here?"
IF Germany invades Belgium, Britain will go to war and United States will destroy Japan if it join the central powers .