WW II Insanity Options

There are several thread for WW II sanity options

This thread is for insanity options. Bat bombs, wonderwaffe, whatever, from any country, combatant or not.


Cracking open the chemical weapons chest.

Germany had been doing experimenting on early nerve agents. Pound for pound that would be far worse for a V1 and V2 warhead.

Same with biological weapons.
Isolationist prevent the execution of the initial Protective Mobilization Plan in the summer/autum of 1940. The US loses 18th months of critical preparation & the Army Navy in November 1941 is still under 500,000 vs the two million+ of OTL.

On the Axis side: The SA gains ascendancy in the 1930s, not purged. When war comes in 1939 the old Reichwehr cadre are gone or ineffective. The ground forces consist of a ill trained Volks Heer with political hacks as leaders, no Panzer Waffe, and a infantry doctrine emphasizing Will Power & Iron, vs small unit leadership, and the tactical repitoire of OTL.

Japan eschews a large carrier force interwar. Carrier doctrine continues as a auxiliary to the Battle Fleet. The Pearl Harbor raid is executed by one fleet carrier while the battle ships circle burning fuel 300 nm away from Oahu.
Rejecting Chain Home because it wasn't good enough.
No air raid precautions because the bomber will always get through.
Bombing civilian targets with gas (or using gas weapons in general).
Not building Spitfires and Hurricanes because turret fighters are the future.
No convoy system.

These mostly affect Britain, but the gas one applies to everyone.
Let's try to (mis) apply some OTL ideas to other countries or circumstances. Heres two for
'No retreat' orders.

BEF - either cut off and destroyed in Belgium or ordered to hold Dunkirk at all costs and destroyed there.
Afrika Korps - destroyed after over extending itself and outrunning its logistics [1]. Rommel's name becomes a byword for logistical incompetence.

[1] With wide ranging consequences from Italy/Germany split to Italy out of the war, no Tunisgrad etc etc.
Almost OTL- the Breton Redoubt is formally stood up in 1940, and 2 British and 1 Canadian Divisions, plus whatever French troops can be scraped up from retreating French units, attempt to hold a 150 mile front against the German advance to try and maintain a foothold in France with effectively no arms manufacturing or natural resources to speak of.
Britain looks at the invasion of Poland - shrugs and goes fuck it - let those fascists get on with it (the Polish government of the day was effectively 'technically' fascist as well)

No declaration of war, France Turtles, Europe is shocked but even less likely to get involved

After that...oh what the hell....my Alt History device just had a stroke......
June 24, 1941
The United States decides this is a golden opportunity to defeat communism and declares war on the USSR.
The Western Allies declare war on the Soviet Union for invading Poland. Hitler and Stalin are forced to get along.