According to the Hearts of Iron mod Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, there absolutely would be. In that mod, it’s usually the Reichspakt (an enlarged Central Powers that includes Ukraine, the United Baltic Duchy, Poland, Lithuania, Flanders-Wallonia, and whatever other nation the player specified using custom game rules, usually Switzerland and Georgia) and the Entente (consisting of the British royals exiled in Canada, the French Republic exiled in Algeria, Australia and New Zealand, the remaining part of India still under British control, the West Indies Federation, and Sardinia, plus any nations dictated by the player using custom game rules, usually Yemen, Muscat, and Portugal) versus the Third Internationale (consisting of the Union of Britain, Commune of France, and Socialist Republic of Italy). Other potential belligerents include the Donau-Adriabund (led by Austria), the Moscow Accord (led by Russia), and the Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (led by Japan). The side the United States chooses depends on who won the civil war, or even if the civil war has ended by then (the Second American Civil War was made unavoidable a few years ago, but the Kaiserredux mod, an independent fork, restores this).


The newly independent Eastern European states post WW1 would resent German economic and political might, but they'll resent a whole lot more Russian armies walking over them for round 2.
Yes, it's either more or less nominal independence, or re-conquest by the Russians. There will be some orthodox Ukrainians and Belorussians who would prefer that, but a lot of them, and all of the non orthodox, non Slavs won't hesitate to pick Germany.
Heck, the trigger might even be Imperial Germany. After all, one of the nations that won WW1 modeled itself closely on Imperial Germany and later descended into militaristic fascism - Japan! If one war worked great to solve Germany's problems, why not launch a second one?
World War 2 wasn't inevitable with the OTL Central Powers defeat.

However, from what I read, the Germans had plans for a continental European customs union that would have been sort of a proto European Union. It would have included at least Germany and Austria-Hungary, and France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Balkan countries, and any countries carved out of the Russian empire would have joined after various degrees of compulsion, possibly Italy and Turkey as well. And one positive feature of the European Common Market/ European Community/ European Union during its existence has been no continental European wars. If, and I realize this is a big if, the Germans don't get overbearing and treat Austria-Hungary and France as junior partners, this should work to keep the peace. At least it has much better prospects than Versailles. Hitler not getting into power anywhere also helps.