Wolfenstein Universe: What about the other Axis Powers?

Wolfenstein as a series focuses on a world conquered by Nazi Germany, but the other members of the Axis are ignored (since Wolfenstein focuses more on entertainment than narrative storytelling), so you have to wonder about the others that allied with Germany in this setting.

Such as:
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Vichy France
Outside the strict Axis category, there's also Iraq, Thailand, Spain (neutral but Axis sympathetic) and Finland (allied with Germany out of convenience but wasn't technically part of the Axis Powers).

I mean, given that the Nazis are, well, Nazis, it's possible they could've betrayed them but in OTL they were content to let the European Axis to be independent so long as they answered to Germany. Italy in an Axis Victory timeline would be unique in that they'd have less overall power than Germany, but would still be a major power in their own right for controlling the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, thus is the only European Axis Power that could say "No" to the Nazis and get away with it. Japan is another matter, since they're on the other side of the world, and signed with the Axis to control the Pacific, and would be a completely different power in many respects.

So what do you think happened with the other Axis Powers in the Wolfenstein Universe?
It's pretty much stated for the main two if you look at the news clippings in the Berlin safehouse in TNO: Backstabbed and conquered by Germany.

We can assume the rest for all the minor nations.
Here you are:

Fate of Japan
Japan Pushed Back - Another Threat Arises
Chongqing, March 7, 1948 - It was a proudest moment for the Republic of China and the People's Liberation Army as the Japanese were pushed back into Hubei province. Yet from the north, another dark menace approaches at a swift pace. Nazi Germany has defeated the Soviet Union and is now moving towards China. During a rousing speech earlier today, the Chairman spoke of his faith in the Chinese people. "A unified China cannot be defeated", he said. "A unified China cannot be conquered. A unified China will never surrender."
Victory in Asia!
Berlin, July 8, 1948 - Early Monday morning, a special assault team launched an attack on the last stronghold of the People's Liberation Army. Within hours, the Republic of China surrendered unconditionally. Experts commented that the Japanese government now have no choice but to give up their territorial claims in Asia. Sources close to Field Marshal claim that a plan is being drawn up for both China and Japan which will transition the two countries into servant states with separate governments and military. These states will, of course, be supremely government by the superior Nazi empire.

Fate of Italy
Editorial: Germany has betrayed us!
Rome, October 13, 1949 - And so we must face the bitter truth. We, the Italian people, have been fooled into thinking that our northern ally would be our country's salvation and a collaborator in rebuilding Italy to its former glory. Reports from the north are coming in describing German tanks and infantry turning against our soldiers and attacking our own people. Witnesses describe horrible scenes of whole villages burnt and plundered. We are now just days away from a complete invasion and our weak government is incapable of doing anything about it. I advise all Italians not to surrender. Do not bow down to the will of the invaders. Rise and take arms! Do whatever you can to fight back the tyranny! Rise for freedom!