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    Hello, everyone! I'm back from Massachusetts in full aaaand back from visiting Denver to look for a future place to live, so I am going to be back onto maps and stuff! I wanted to give you all a preview since some may remember the bit about the "Jeffersonian America vs Hamiltonian America" a bit ago. Well, as I noted back then, it would require a lot of time and research to do it and, well, it has taken a lot of time and I'm still working on it all, but things do move forward on the first map for it, and I want to get out a few maps for it before it's presented as a TL in which I coalesce all the other projects I have solely into this project so I can actually get something out besides this thread. So yeah, enjoy that, and also put in some pictures of Colorado I promised a couple people. :) Preview isn't much yet, but want to give an idea of what the future map is going to be like, when I get to more work on it with some QGIS and maybe a little Python work.



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