WIP Map Thread


Back in August, I posted a map of the Pastside of the Washtenaw Gate, in which America discovers a portal to the cretaceous in Michigan in 1800. That map showed only the Cretaceous side of the portal.

I'm currently working on a map of the modern side of the portal, in 2023.

America focuses on expansion into the Cretaceous, and Mexico becomes the dominant NA power instead. Napoleonic France spends almost the entire 19th century trying to conquer Europe, and after a brief intermission turn fascist and try even harder in the 1930s. Soviet Russia wins a pyrrhic victory against them and out of the wreckage of Europe the Union of Socialist European States rises. Cue a cold war between Red Europe and Mega Mexico.

Still a bit unsure on how Africa and Asia are doing, though I'm toying with a communist India and a republican China.
Currently working on my fantasy world of Iudoma. Been working on this project for a long time and I'm very close to build up my topography map, but first I need to redo a few of my coastlines (especially the ones that have fjords missing) and complete all island arcs.
If someone here has any complaints then just let me know. I'm open for suggestions.

A WIP of 150 constituencies in Slovakia. Red lines are borders of cadastral areas in Slovakia, black of constituencies. The green lines in western Slovakia (Nitra county) show areas not yet delimitated.
Each constituency has between 27k and 45k according to latest census results
Britain after their civil war went full democratic which allowed France to keep Portugal in a corner, and did transfer subject on most countries' colonies
...transfer subject? this isn't EU4, what does that even mean?

also maintaining control of all of africa seems... very tenuous at best given they'd also have to think about occupying all of europe
Updated version of the world map I posted earlier, with blank version to use as a base map for future stuff.


the top left indicates it's meant to be a tripolar world. who are the poles this world is split between, if may ask? my first guess is the russians, british, and americans, but i could be wrong.

Kinda of?
kind of to what? the first part of my post (relocation), or the second? (tacking on lore)