WIP Map Thread

Yes. Bit stumped on what to do with Korea though.
Well, if you're just doing basic analogues, and since Japan is usually Britain in these types of scenarios, either a France!Korea (main continental and later colonial rival) or Ireland!Korea (subjugated half-assimilated settler colony) could work pretty decently.

Although, I think I recall seeing a Korean land empire from the Urals to the Pacific in one of these switcheroo scenarios, a fairly eccentric idea, although I'm not sure how plausible that would be. (Essentially a Russia analogue; although I'm inclined to think a land-locked modernized North Asian nomadic steppe nation may play that role better).
Ok, another worlda WIP...
just wanked certain countries in certain period, no plot or timeline...
00000 Loosers not Anymore.png
Excuse me, but... WHAT???
(my first mpression was something like - wow, thats nice Spanish/Hispanic colonial empire... then I read description...)
if it makes it make any more sense, its from a eu4 game (which i recommend tryimg at least once honestly, as its actually pretty fun even at the start, as i believe that you start w/ a bigger army then your neighbors)
"The Habsburg Empire"
thats from the base and will probably stay there as i forget about the whole year title thing

posting as wip bc i dont rly want to do south america lol
pod is Ivan III not invading novgorod and Ivan IV dying early on
If you have any suggestions for a bigger Russia lmk